“We wish you health!” and ‘Hello comrades” are sent to the past: the president of Ukraine has instructed to draft a bill that will change the military greetings on “Glory to Ukraine – Glory to heroes”. The document is almost ready, and a new format of greetings will already be heard during the military parade on Independence Day in Kyiv. More on a new victory – in reactions from Opinion.

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak information about the long-awaited military greetings confirmed, in his comment to our colleagues. According to him, it is expected that the bill will be approved after the return of MPs from the vacation. By the way, in February, we’ve already written about such an initiative, however, according to the minister, the registered bill was “raw”. So, we hope that this time it will be completely prepared. I already anticipate the reaction from somewhere there behind the fence.

Separately, Poltorak added that new greetings will be used during the Independence Day parade in Kyiv, in order to demonstrate one more time that it is “more Ukrainian, more our own”.

The reaction of the Ukrainian segment of the network turned out to be surprisingly unanimous, though, frankly, I would say it was not so active. It seems that the majority are still discussing apologies for the certain MPs. Well, you know. So, for example, the political strategist Oleg Medvedev called this decision a detail, however, a very important one in the policy of national remembrance. After all, a lot of people for a long time couldn’t get why it really matters, how people are greeting in the army, what is on the berets, when and what holidays are celebrated. Heh. I am afraid to imagine how many of such “a lot of people” continue to take their stand. Well nothing, everything it can be cured.

But the blogger Miroslav Oleshko decided to present the news on the contrasts, comparing the greetings to the equipment of soldiers in 2005 and 2018. Well, why so small-scaled, Mr. Myroslav, it was necessary to return to the Paleolithic period for comparisons. That’s when you could allow yourself much more meaningful post. Sit down; you’ve got “C”.

The former Minister of Education of Ukraine Serhiy Kvit was even more concise, dryly pointing out that “it’s been necessary for a long time”. Well, you know, you sit by yourself, look for those reactions, and they just write three words. Well, on the other hand, maybe, in three words, you will not make a lot of mistakes.

So what? Are we moving next? We will create several reasons for new plots to the Russian zombo … khm, airs? I wasn’t even surprised that somebody among the bloggers still reminded almost the catchphrase of Stepan Bandera. And it is possible to treat it in different ways, but if millions are going to respond “Glory to heroes!”, then the victory will be ours.

The similar thing was written by the blogger Helgi Sharp. He added that history is not made in white gloves, the formation of a nation passes through blood and mistakes. That’s how it going.

By the way, about the parade. The writer Roxana Kharchuk said that, in addition to the long-awaited by many (I hope) greetings, during the celebration of the Independence Day, it will be possible to hear and perform the anthem “We were born in a great hour”. Oh, my God, I feel like buying popcorn on the Independence Day, and watching the whole day the world’s best comedy shows – Russian news. What a great movie it will be.

The volunteer and journalist Myroslav Hai, in general, listed the main achievements of the incumbent president, including a new form of military greetings. Mr. Myroslav, be careful there because such writings can bring you the title of “Poroshenko-bot” they give it away for free, without SMS and registration.

What is happening there, on the “neighbors” territory? Oh, the great answer to this would be the post of Deputy Minister of Information Policy Dmytro Zolotukhin. In this joke, everything is awesome. In addition to the language of the writing. We need to work hard on this.

Well, roughly the same way, but somehow in different interpretation blogger Igor Stokoz wrote. Something obviously hurts at our “neighbors”. Well, it’s okay, people you can be entertained. It happens that you can’t always understand those people.

And finally, the reaction on Russian propagandists from the political analyst Olexiy Minakov.

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