Ukrainian film director, the political prisoner of the Kremlin Oleg Sentsov, imprisoned in the colony of the Labytnangi town in Russia, is in a bad condition. In particular, hemoglobin decreased significantly, which led to anemia, and also a very low pulse, about 40 beats per minute. This was reported to Hromadske by the lawyer Dmitry Dinze after visiting Sentsov.

He noted that Oleg had a bad heart and was twice persuaded to go to the hospital. He also became unwell due to the fact that it was very warm in Labytnangi, and he now has a poor tolerance for heat. Oleg feels weak throughout his body.

On the question, whether there is a possibility that Sentsov will stop the hunger strike, the lawyer replied that the political prisoner doesn’t plan to stop it.

Sentsov also notes that he is against transferring him to the civil hospital of Labytnangi, since “the head of the resuscitation unit is aggressive towards him and, most likely, can only do harm.”

He is also against transferring him to a hospital somewhere, “because it’s possible that he won’t stand the transfer and die.”

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