As a rule, in order for the network community to begin a stormy discussion, one statement is just enough. That’s what happened this time. Anton Herashchenko, a member of the MIA Board and MP from the People’s Front, claimed a lie the accusations that the Kherson law enforcement officers cover those who attempted the assassination of Katerina Handzyuk. In addition, Herashchenko offered those, who allegedly boost the betrayal around the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to apologize. About how and for what in the network the apologies were made – in reactions from Opinion.

Apologies were just on time. For example, the brother of MP Mustafa Nayyem, and lawyer Masi Nayyem made a whole list of things for which he “apologizes” to Anton Herashchenko: arrival of not an operative and investigative group at the place where Kateryna Handzyuk was attacked, but a patrol; ignoring witnesses’ testimonies; setting up a criminal case in almost six hours after the attack; qualification of the case under the heading “hooliganism”. But this is not the end. Mr. Herashchenko, probably, did not think how actively his offer will be picked up online. Masi Nayyem offered a whole flash mob with apologies to the MP. Because it is “so important” right now. Yeah, there’s no other way of saying this.

Serhiy Sternenko, a social activist and ex-spokesman of the Odesa branch of the”Right Sector”, whose life was already in danger during three assaults, also apologized. The activist apologized to Gerashchenko for any criminal proceedings hadn’t been made on the case of the assault on him, and also for the fact that the attacker is under 24-hour security instead of being held in custody. At the end of the video, Serhiy apologizes in particular for not being killed.


Briefly on why Mr. Herashchenko is convinced in the need for apologies to the Interior Ministry, said blogger Anton Hodza. And he tells the truth, iron logic.

Then, of course, Hodza added another post to this topic, in which he described a person who apologizes more than all our “statesmen”. Make your bets ladies and gentlemen. Have you guessed? This is Ramzan Kadyrov. The recipe for happiness is simple: First, don’t be like Ramzan, and secondly, there is nothing for the activists to apologize for. It’s interesting, which of the points in this formula can affect the apology lovers more. Hmm.

Public activist Roman Kulyk, instead, criticized Anton Herashchenko’s self-confidence, because according to his logic, to put a “no-name” under suspicion is a lightning-fast cracking of the case. At that time, there was no word about the person who ordered the killing, although this is the most important point. And this is not the only gap in the words of Mr. Herashchenko. According to the activist, the injured Katerina Gandziuk was not yet involved in the identification of the suspect, so, for now, it’s not possible to say exactly who was detained by the law enforcement. But, guys, apologize more.

In his turn, the blogger Vadym Fulmakht, with a tangible mixture of irony and sarcasm, suggested the authorities demand apologies as often as possible. It’s the best thing to vote for. Heh, then the facebook will go nuts at all.

But the political scientist Viktor Taran explained in detail and carefully how the law-enforcers, in general, came to the conclusion that the attacker was caught. The arguments, frankly speaking, are striking: the phone was switched off, a person’s identification by the clothes and body (not by face) and obscure impressions of a suspect’s neighbor. In the end, according to a political scientist, as long as society does not receive an answer that can be trusted, the “apologies” are out of question. Sorry, Mr. Anton. It seems that not today.

But far from all the reactions were relatively restrained in the sense of the choice of the vocabulary. The blogger Ivan Oberemko couldn’t resist the call, and at the same time reminded Gerashchenko of a bunch of cases that remain cold. In the finale (if to interpret, of course), Oberemko offers Mr. Anton to keep silent at least for a week. Well, Mr. Herashchenko, those are the apologies you wanted? Something went wrong, but what I can’t understand.

You may be surprised, but maybe it’s a season of the need in apologies that just has started. As a journalist (I will remind you, with ambitions to become a politician), Dmytro Gnap spoke about the apology to Iryna Herashchenko this time. We are talking about the tour of influential parents’ children from Kramatorsk to Croatia, regarding of which Heraschenko herself admitted that the group really had a few children of ATO participants. Separately, Gnap added that he was ashamed of it since the MP disparagingly gave a name of “activists-betrayers” to the Ukrainian patriots of Donbas who hadn’t betrayed their country. This is how it goes. Or cookie crumbles? Maybe I’ve messed it up again.

Reactions and apologies were collected by Stepan the Goat

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