Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

Every meteorologist has a time in the midsummer, when he or she can write one forecast for everyone, that is, for all regions, and go quietly to rest, walk, iron the assembled linen, finish repairs or finally get to the far corners of kitchen ambries. It happens when the entire territory of Ukraine is covered by an anticyclone. And a similar meteorological situation is exactly now.

In the upcoming days, the weather of most regions of Ukraine will be determined precisely by it, an anticyclone named Johannes. Area of high atmospheric pressure.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


With such a synoptic situation, dry, slightly cloudy weather with minimal wind or calm predominates.

On August 9-12 precipitation is unlikely in Ukraine. Some local rains will fall to the western part on Saturday, and on Sunday to the north. However, these local precipitations will not significantly affect the overall dry synoptic situation.

During rains, the fluctuations in atmospheric pressure are possible, which will cause drowsiness, headache and discomfort among hyper- and hypotonic patients.

The air temperature will fluctuate within the current range, during the day it is expected up to +24 +29 degrees. In Transcarpathia, in the southern part and in the east of Ukraine up to +27 +32 degrees are expected.

The nights will be pleasantly warm, +15 +22 degrees.

From the beginning of next week, since Monday, August 13, the air temperature will increase in Ukraine.

At first, the heat will return in the southern part and immediately intensify in the western regions. In the future, the heat will cover most regions of Ukraine and during the day the air temperature will be +28 +34 degrees.

On August 15, in the western regions, there will be a probable short-term weakening of the heat to +24 +28 degrees.

Rains in most regions of Ukraine in the first half of the week are not expected – the impact of the anticyclone. However, in the western regions, as a result of the activity of the western atmospheric fronts, short-term rains and thunderstorms will pass in some places.

On August 16 rain with thunderstorms will come to the northern part of Ukraine, in Vinnytsya, Kirovograd and Cherkasy regions.

The rain is not expected in Kyiv before the end of this week. However, elevated atmospheric pressure, dry air, sunny sky and warm weather are expected.

Daytime air temperature will fluctuate within comfortable limits, +26 +28 degrees.

The weekend, on August 11 and 12, will be sunny and warm.

On Monday, a gradual degree increase will begin in the capital in the first half of the week, from August 13 to 16, the metropolitan thermometer columns will fluctuate within +28 +32 degrees. The heat will intensify.

Significant precipitation is unlikely, only on August 12, in the evening, cloudiness and humidity will increase, and on August 16 there will be rain with a thunderstorm in Kyiv.

The predominance of dry and hot weather can provoke a fire, the fire hazard will intensify. Be very careful with fire.

The anticyclone is still the main synoptic actor in Ukraine.

Enjoy August, the sun, flowers, watermelons and the opportunity to walk barefoot on the grass.

Natalka Didenko

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