A new maelstrom of discussions and talks appeared, as always, unexpectedly. The journalists of the “TV News Service” opposed the participation of Oksana Marchenko in one of the TV show by “1+1”. She is a wife of Viktor Medvedchuk, whose child is Vladimir Putin’s goddaughter and also he is a leader of the pro-Russian organization “Ukrainian Choice”.  More on the grand scandal in the social media – in reactions from Opinion.

Upon finding out the fact of Oksana Marchenko‘s participation in the show “Dances with the Stars”, TSN journalists made an open letter stating that they didn’t share the decision of the network and condemn the appearance of a person close to the Russian president on the air. According to the journalists, the couple never condemned the Russian aggression in the Donbas and the annexation of the Crimea for all the years of war.

Actually, the open letter is still supplemented by signatures, since some journalists are on vacation. You can understand this, we’re all human after all. However, this doesn’t prevent from expressing themselves remotely, supporting the position in social media. According to Stepan the Goat’s inside information, in every third feed, you can find the employee of TSN, who reposted the collective statement. However, let’s be honest: why do we need Putin’s friend on the air – the question is not that rhetorical, but rather abnormal because of the reason for its existence.

Do you think, after such a mass collective letter from a bunch of journalists, the network cleaned up their act, crossed themselves three times and wrote Marchenko short SMS with apologies and refusal? Ha. General Director of “1+1 Media” Oleksandr Tkachenko replied that in project “Dances with the Stars” the brightest stars of Ukrainian show business take part. And further, carefully: regardless of their political views and beliefs. Ohoho. Then maybe let’s call Zakharchenko for dances, or Azarov will show us some waltz moves, why not?

Well, let’s move on to the other reactions. For example, writer Andrii Kokotiukha is convinced that all such statements and letters would be ineffective because there is only one person who can remove Oksana Marchenko from the air. And his name is Vladimir Putin. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, I hope, Mr. Kokotiukha is at least a little bit misguided.

Here the blogger Mason Lemberg has decided and to go against the system and not criticize the TV channel, and Mrs. Marchenko herself, but the “TSN” journalists themselves, stressing that they work on given topics, create politically committed stories, etc. Well, probably, such a twist was not expected? So.

The TV host and journalist Vitaliy Haidukevych also treated the “TSN” journalists appeal rather critical, stressing that in this story there’s nothing about standards of the profession, there is only running in a comfortable circle that suits all the participants. He says that the indulgences are available for purchase. I just wonder who supplies them.

Political analyst Viktor Taran, in his turn, focused the comment on the fact of Oksana Marchenko’s appearance on “1+1”. According to the expert, this way, Medvedchuk continues to establish control over the Ukrainian media for the sake of Moscow. Moreover, Taran added several, at first glance, absurd forecasts, such as Azarov on Ukrainian television as an expert on economic strategies. It is completely absurd, but if Marchenko dances, how to evaluate these boundaries and frames?

Then, Taran generalized the official response of the of the “1+1” board. It’s like, guys, everything is okay, money is money, even ones from Medvedchuk. Well, let’s see how it will smell in a while. At least everything should expire.

The political expert, Olexiy Minakov, confirmed that probably it won’t be possible to give Medvedchuk a slap, although it would be a desirable act. Well, maybe that poor Marchenko will be so worried that she will be the first to leave the show. Or she will automatically become its host. How does it work there? I’m always confusing this stuff in my head.

Furthermore, journalist Anna Sheremet stressed that the letter of the “TSN” team is that the puff-pieces returned. And they returned not to some small local channels, but on the largest ones. Now, according to the author of the post, “1+1” will fight the “Inter” for loyalty to the “Russian world”.  This is what we have for today.

Someone just ordered a large and nutritious portion of a good old sarcasm? Here you are, just from the kitchen of the blogger Anton Hodza, yet still and realistic; only take it with critical thinking, please.

You know what’s good here? The thing that the posts with a humorous tone are still present, so everything is fine, we’ll break through. Here, for example, blogger Anton Shvets made a wonderful puff-piece for some inadequate media: Marchenko on “1+1” is a condition of the IMF, the Attorney General will choose the best of 14 couples “Everybody dance!”, while Kholodnytsky has already praised the Medvedchuk’s wife. Oh, what a fairy tale, just laugh and cry.

Well, here is my favorite page with facebook folklore. Everything is as always clear: “This is the Putin’s friends, to you says a witty mind. Okay, nobody cares whose friends and where and why”. Agree, it sounds like an official answer of the network.

And finally, look, just look whose post I’ve found. This is my pet among the adherents of the Party of Regions. Olena Lukash herself, the former Minister of Justice during the Viktor Yanukovych reign. She says that Marchenko has already won. And then there’s just unrealistic stream of consciousness, about some snitching, genocide, and the wreckage of the state. In short, the typical representative of the Yanukovych team. I beg you, read carefully and cross yourself at least once every few minutes. And it’s better to sing a hymn of Ukraine. Because this is such an evil that you want to laugh, but someone can take it seriously. So take care of yourself.

Reactions were collected and dances were omitted by Stepan the Goat

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