Tuesday, 29 September

The devastated coast and the newly formed natural spit, the depth of water around which is more than 3 meters. All these are the consequences of the landslide that occurred in July near the port “Yuzhnyi” in Odessa region.

Summer on the seasides of the Odessa region is associated with crowds of tourists, a noise and constant attempts to cross the street and not to spoil the photos of another tourist. Developed tourism is something every citizen of the country can be proud of, but sometimes it would be desirable to escape from constant movement, to pause and stay alone with his own thoughts. Fortunately, nature interferes with its destructive force creating new interesting and deserted places nearby.

The so-called hush of squeezing was formed near the shores of the port “Yuzhnyi” due to landslides in July. It has become an ideal point on the map for one day’s journeys.

Almost every six months there is news about landslides in the Odessa region, but the consequences of recent events will be interesting even for the most demanding travelers. Thousands of cubic meters of land fell down, making the seabed rise from a depth of three meters. This can not be realized by any technology of the 21st century, but nature only needed a few minutes. Our planet has been created through destruction for billions of years before the existence of mankind, and now the inhabitants of Odessa region and its guests have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the repetition of this process.

The landslides take thousands of lives of both humans and animals. This time, fortunately, no human was injured, but still, seawater washes ashore the dead inhabitants of the reservoir: from shallow shrimp to mighty dolphins. Yurii Verba, an expert on bank protection, assures that this shift is not an accident – the destructive power of the sea has been preparing for decades. According to the expert, such actions are not the last for the shores of the sunny Odessa region, but the city of Yuzhne the next half-century can sleep peacefully and not worry about their safety.

Now the coastline near the place of events has turned into a corner of the reign of nature. It is worth coming here to recall that only it is omnipotent on this planet and it will always be.

Here you can see the field from which only recently the crop was picked up, and now it has fallen down to dozens of meters by half. The displacement formed a natural split, the depth of water around which is more than 3 meters, and laid sharp stones along with viscous clay, and unknown adventurers have already managed to construct “Magic Castle” from stones and shells.

The created landscapes will comfort both dedicated adventurers, and those who appreciate isolated places and pauses. However, it should be understood, that this is not the safest journey, so be careful and take care of yourself.

Text and photo by Sabina Aliyeva

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