Betrayal comes from the unexpected direction. Today, the Kyiv district court of Poltava has ordered the closure of criminal proceedings against Kharkiv city mayor Gennadiy Kernes and his bodyguards on charges of kidnapping and beating members of the local EuroMaidan. More about the unexpected for many of us decision – in the reactions from Opinion.

The news about an unexpected decision of the court was also reported on the web page of Kernes. Saying, that prosecution has abandoned its words. However, to be more precise, just do not be surprised, the prosecution simply hadn’t appeared at the last meeting. And the judge was seating and seating there, and then thought that dear prosecutors have nothing against Mr. Kernes. It is noted that the decision may be appealed within seven days. Hmm, something hints me that these seven days won’t pass in vain. And you haven’t read a pile of reactions and comments, so let’s go!

At the Anti-Corruption Action Center, they said that on Kernes case there were at once … 19 employees of the prosecutor’s office. Hmm, what an interesting accident. Especially considering the fact that the case was closed because of the systematic absence from the prosecution side. The ACAC, by the way, say that they doubt that Lutsenko will be able to punish his subordinates for the failure of the case. Ha.  Too many doubted the fact that Kernes can get away with anything. We’ll see.

The journalist Dmytro Gnap also turned to the Attorney General. Oh, why am I calling him a journalist again, he’s going into politics. So, Gnap reminded us, that Mr. Attorney General a year ago asserted that the “big fish” won’t escape. It turns out that whether Kernes is not such a big fish or someone is badly equipped for fishing.

Political expert Olexiy Minakov, in his turn, is convinced that closing the case against Kernes is, first of all, the story from the upcoming elections, where resources of a million-person city are definitely needed. And also this is the story of the “GPU reform” because the case was closed because of the fact that 19 prosecutors simply didn’t come to court several times. Furthermore, this is the story of the lack of a punishment for the abduction, torture, and threats of the murder for two activists. Here’s a trilogy about Kernes. Soon in all cinemas of your city.

By the way, we even know who bought the rights to make a screen version of the court hearings. Just don’t forget that it is a joke, and cinemas’ box offices are not yet ready for such hype.

But in fact, you can search for the guilty ones for a very long time, and each time it will be someone new. For example, Mr. Nazar Prykhodko, a volunteer, a blogger and a civic activist, is convinced that the whole problem lies within the state; he names it a country of paradoxes and all that kind of stuff.

But for the volunteer and activist Yuriy Kasyanov, the people are guilty of everything. You ask why? Because, according to the author of the post, corruption, and abuse of the law are possible only because of the population, it means – the slave population. Well, who’s in the queue for blaming? Let’s think together.

Igor Solomadin, a teacher, and activist of the Kharkiv EuroMaydan, in his turn, said that the verdict of the court is a theatre of the absurd, since the judge didn’t justify Kernes, but simply closed the case. If only the Kharkiv mayor and his guards were justified, one could at least follow a certain logic, to argue, and today we are just mocking a sound mind. Well, here you have the voice of the Kharkiv residents.

A brief but ambiguous verdict (or diagnosis) of the situation was given by journalist and publicist Serhiy Rudenko. He says that the system is Kernesed. Not that I was a betrayal lover, but somehow I have nothing to say against it.

Mykyta Solovyov, a member of the “Democratic Horde”, is convinced that in the situation with Kernes it is a question of “fixed match” for sure not at the regional level, because it would be strange if Kernes could “solve” something so that nobody knew about it in Kyiv. Therefore, this version, according to the author’s opinion, should be immediately deleted. Well, you know, I don’t believe in miracles, but this day teaches you not to make quick conclusions and forecasts.

However, journalist and editor-in-chief of the Internet portal “Censor.Net” Yuriy Butusov quite fair called this whole situation a demonstrative corruption, according to which the mafia, to be precise, Mr. Kernes, was able to buy not only political influence but also immunity from justice. And someone thought that buying fruits he’s spending too much on his immunity? Ha. It would be great if everything was so obvious: just read the post in the social media, and you know everything. And then the thing is that something unexpected may happen to Kernes. Maybe some kind of an SBU operation, let’s say.

A businessman, civic activist and blogger Karl Volokh had found the actual explanation for the news about Kernes. The thing is that judges will soon have to be certified, and for most of them it will be the last moment of the work, so now any judge from the province can provide a comfortable existence for himself thanks to a few Kerneses or somebody like him. It’s quite interesting if it really happened that way then how would these judges judge each other?

And finally, to slightly take the edge off – a little bit of facebook folklore for our review. I wish you good luck, hopefully, see you in more victorious reactions!

Reactions and prosecutors for Kernes were collected by Stepan the Goat

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