Tuesday, 29 September

Kyiv District Court of Poltava closed the case of the Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes and his bodyguards regarding torture of people. The court pronounced such a decision on August 10, 112.ua reported.

The court assessed the absence of the prosecutors during the debate on Gennady Kernes and his bodyguards Vitali Blinnikov and Yevhen Smitsky as the refusal to prosecute. “Closed due to the refusal of the prosecuting side of the case” – the judge has announced. Kernes himself, after a court hearing, called the case a fraudulent, but he expects the appeal. Reminding you that on January 25, 2014, a group of people attacked the participants of EuroMaydan in Kharkiv. On the same day, the deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council Ivan Varchenko announced the abduction of two members from EuroMaydan – Oleksndr Kutyanin and Serhiy Ryalov, “after they took pictures of the cars’ number plates” of Kernes friends at the Hotel “National”. Later, the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region reported that information about the abduction of people wasn’t confirmed.

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