Social media users started a new campaign in support of Oleg Sentsov. This time the organizers suggest sending a letter to the president of Russia asking him to pardon the Ukrainian prisoner. Activists emphasize: The time is running out, as Sentsov’s sister recently reported the critical state of Oleg. Further – in reactions from Opinion.

The page of initiative Save Oleg Sentsov explains: it is necessary to empower the appeal, as for today the letters from mother of Sentsov and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe remained unanswered. Now it’s unknown how much time we have, but the capabilities of the human body are not limitless. Activists are convinced: A pardon decision is one of the last resorts to save Oleg’s life.

Writer, interpreter and literary critic Ostap Slyvynsky admitted that he sees no moral or practical sense in asking anything from Putin. At the same time, the author recalled that during Maidan things many things were done that were unlikely to affect the enemy: poems, songs, posters. However, all this was essential for us, and still, there was a way out of hopeless situations.

Oleksiy Panych, philosopher, interpreter and civic activist, said that he also has taken part in a flash mob and had sent a letter to the Russian president. However, in his text, the author deliberately avoided the words “appeal” and “request”, but he rather sent his demand to Putin.

Eugene Magda, director of the Institute of World Politics, also supported the flash mob, urging to refrain from using words that could distort the message of the appeal. In addition, Magda noted that this action is somewhat more complicated than dropping FIFA’s rating in the social media.

Activist Oleksiy Grytsenko stressed that there are situations when it’s worth writing a letter even to the “number one” enemy. Because on this depends the life of a person that has been in captivity for four years and may perish at any moment. Therefore, Grytsenko urged to hide your own ego and do everything that can save the Ukrainian.

Instead, activist Kateryna Butko is convinced that Sentsov himself wouldn’t have written such a letter under any circumstances. However, he doesn’t limit our actions to the struggle for his and other prisoners freedom. Today, according to Butko, we have only two options: to do what we haven’t done yet or to prepare a post about the person we’ve lost. The activist isn’t going to do either the second thing or to think that there was at least one thing we hadn’t done.

Film director Roman Balayan addressed Vladimir Putin and asked the Russian president to show mercy and pardon Oleg Sentsov. According to Balayan, even the greatest sinners who showed mercy receive the same mercy from above.

The artist Boris Yeghiazaryan also supported the initiative, agreeing that it’s unpleasant for each of us to address Putin, but nobody knows what can work out, the main thing is to save Sentsov’s life.

Analyst Denys Dlugach suggested that the situation with the release of Oleg Sentsov is currently difficult due to the hunger strike. The author explained that he doesn’t condemn the actions of the Ukrainian, but he only tries to understand how the head of an aggressor state thinks. According to Dlugach, Putin doesn’t have anything to do with the death of Sentsov fromthe hunger strike, but the exchange or release for the treatment can give the other prisoners a good tool.   The way out of this situation may be a mass appeal asking to pardon Sentsov. On the one hand, we recognize the power of Putin over the situation, but on the other – we get a chance to save Oleg’s life.

However, Larisa Venediktova, the choreographer, and performer reacted negatively to the action, reminding that Oleg Sentsov himself wouldn’t like the pardon.

A journalist and blogger Olena Dobrovolska as well spoke against the action, stressing that Putin will still hear no one, as he hasn’t heard about thousands of deaths. Instead, Dobrovolskaya is all right with taking part in flash mobs, which would raise funds for a bullet for the army. With the name on it.

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