Dresses, polka dot and a red lipstick: how do they dress in Spain?

A surprise is waiting for an inexperienced tourist, who comes for the first time to any Spanish city in the summer’s evening. Excuse me, what’s going on here? This is the question he or she may ask, surprisingly looking at people around him. Is there a holiday? Maybe it’s a day of the city? Someone’s wedding? Perhaps, the Mayor marries the daughter, and all citizens are invited? There must be some explanation for so many well-dressed, bright, smiling people on the streets! 

And no explanation is really needed. And a special holiday isn’t necessary. The only explanation is that it’s just Spain, my friend! They love and know how to enjoy the life and dress up with the taste. And the only reason that you need for this is a good summer evening when the day’s heat has already faded away a little bit, and you can go out to the street, meet friends, sit in a cafe with a glass of wine, or just walk on the promenade. As they say, to see people, to show themselves. This everyday occasion is quite enough for Spaniards to put on fashionable and stylish dresses, shoe heels, make a moderate makeup, let your hair luxurious hair down and be real queens!

For this, they have a great example – the Queen of Spain, Letizia. The girl of the people, modern Cinderella, a daughter of a journalist and a nurse from a small town, she initially made a brilliant journalistic career, and then, unexpectedly for everyone, married the descendant of the Spanish throne, who soon became a king. Queen Letizia is 45, she has two charming daughters and is a pattern of style and taste for many Spaniards. The Queen’s personal style is rather restrained, with no unnecessary pathos and shouting luxury, but her outfit is always perfectly elegant and appropriate.

Queen Letizia prefers Spanish fashion brands and often appears at formal and solemn events in dresses that are available – if not absolutely for everyone, then certainly for women with incomes slightly above average. For example, a light red dress with a floral print, picture on the right, is produced by a famous Spanish brand and costs 260 euros.

The style of the Spanish Queen perfectly reflects the attitude of ordinary Spanish women towards the clothes. They dress up very feminine, but without excessive vulgarity; elegant and exquisite, but without boasting; actual and modern, but without insane combinations and stunning experiments. By some miracle, they manage to dress up as if they had come off the page of a fashion magazine, and at the same time, they look simple, clear and absolutely at ease.

Spanish women quickly pick up some fashion trends and adapt them to their wardrobe. In these activities, of course, the world-famous chains of fashion mass market stores, which were born and still have headquarters in Spain, help them. These chains are also represented in Ukraine – with almost the same assortment. But if we sometimes stand in these stores and look at some things, not being able to figure out who and where could wear it, the Spaniards don’t think too much, they just take and wear. For example, fashionable straw bags. They wear them everywhere, not just on the beach! These photos are from the famous fashion blog of lovely-pepa.com, but believe me, women on the streets often look the same.

Or here’s a trendy thing – open shoulders, voluminous sleeves, flounces and frills. All these incredibly feminine, romantic and bright decorations go back to the historical costume of ancient times. It has a direct relation to the Spanish traditional costumes, so it’s not surprising that it is here that women perceive these fashionable tricks with delight and these things look very authentic. These are made for them!

Like the other hot fashion trend of this summer – black and white polka dots. It’s no wonder why they are so popular here! After all, this is sweet, and feminine, and, at the same time, it is rather reserved and modest, and it is relevant and stylish – everything a Spanish woman likes. And besides, there is also a direct reference to the world-famous flamenco dancer outfit.

It seems that talent and a thirst for stylish outfit are issued automatically to Spanish women, along with a birth certificate. And although young girls, like all over the world, often prefer more relaxed, sporty or denim style, these democratic clothes are combined with beautifully manicured hair, modern makeup and indispensable jewelry and accessories. It’s not just “shorts and a T-shirt”, it’s almost always a perfect image.

But the level of real art in creating their own, unique style, Spanish women were reaching over the years. They don’t get old here at all; they are aging as valuable drinks, gaining completeness, strength and noble taste over the years. They don’t abandon fashionable clothes due to their age; on the contrary, the older women, the brighter and more interesting becomes their wardrobe. Take a closer look at these images of Pilar D’Arce, who has a fashion blog on Instagram – Codigo Pilar.

You can occasionally see in her blog jeans and sneakers. Basically, she demonstrates elegant pants and trouser suits, interesting skirts with well-chosen shirts and dresses, a variety of different dresses for any occasion. It is love for dresses and the ability to wear them simply and at ease, without too much pathos – one of the hallmarks of the Spanish style.

And the summer Spanish Señoras – you know, this is something incredible. Neither the years that past, nor illnesses, nor weak eyesight and unruly legs can stop a Spanish elderly lady on her way to the hairdresser and a nail salon. Well-groomed, elegant, with perfect hairstyles and vivid red lipstick, they walk along the boulevards of Spanish cities as luxurious caravels, carrying a precious treasure – experience, a sense of beautiful and unrestrained thirst for life. Although all of them don’t look as shiny as the famous Spanish actresses and models in these photos, almost everyone has the attention and incredible respect.

And here’s the last observation. Often you can hear such an opinion, like, they’re paying too much of attention to their appearance and women’s clothing in those countries because there is a terrible competition between them for men. They say that in Europe women don’t “bother themselves”, don’t wear high heels, they do makeup once in five years; they don’t get out of their jeans for years. Because they don’t need to compete for men.

The one, who speaks that way, simply hasn’t been to Spain. Here, women preen themselves so good that they can still offer a head start to someone. But do you know what the most interesting thing is? Men here do the same! Stylish hairstyles, well-groomed beards, perfectly fitted pants and beautiful shirts with artfully tightened sleeves – Spanish men often look like a model from man’s style magazine. Obviously, they do make every effort to look the best. So, just think who’s competing for whose attention here!

It seems that dresses, self-care, style, and taste in Spain are not a means to overcome a competition. It’s just a way of living and showing a respect.  The respect for others, but first of all for themselves.

 Maya Tulchynska

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