The outgoing week turned out to be hard for Ukraine as it wasn’t summer at all: Sentsov has been on his hunger strike for 90 days and is on the verge of life and death. Acid was poured onto Kherson activist and official, and our top politicians got into world news connected with scandalous litigation of Trump’s lobbyist. Can you find any positive at the ruins? Slightly possible, but it can be done, as street artist Oleksii Kyslov does it.

Most of the works by muralist Oleksii Kyslov are in his hometown Sevastopol. Oleksii draws his paintings mostly on abandoned buildings and dilapidated objects. His paintings can also be seen on the streets of Kyiv, Odesa, Kamyanets-Podilsky. In recent years, he travels the world and decorates the ruins with bright colors.

Graffiti “Reptiles”

On July 31 in Kherson, an unknown person poured a liquid onto the employee of the City Council and activist Kateryna Gandzyuk, this liquid turned out to be a concentrated sulfuric acid. A woman with terrible burns got to the hospital. Who gave the order to pour a liter of sulfuric acid on a young woman that took an active pro-Ukrainian position in such a complex region as Kherson? It’s unknown even a week after the attack. Versions are different: it could be local law enforcement officers, who have tried to get rid of Kateryna because of her hard stance on fighting corruption for years, or these could be the Russian secret services, which tried to eliminate Kateryna by the hands of a local criminal? And perhaps, this time they acted together, and it’s is not so rare case. It is not surprising that the Police in the hot pursuit detained the suspect, but did they not find any specific information.

Not punishing the perpetrators of this terrible crime, we won’t be able to move forward, we will not be able to build a democratic and free society. If we cannot find and bring to justice terrorists, we will abandon not only Kateryna, we will put in danger all active, conscious and patriotic citizens of our country, who fight arbitrariness and corruption.

Heads on a Platter

A few days before the start of the court hearings on the case of Paul Manafort about the intervention of Russians in the US elections in the American state of Virginia, the prosecution party has provided the court with several hundred pages of evidence, collected against the political technologist.

Some of them concern Ukrainian period of his career, from 2005 to 2014, when he worked for the Party of Regions and the Government of Viktor Yanukovych. The other part is financial documents showing how Manafort managed the funds, received as a result of these and other projects.

It turns out that during this period, the lobbyist received more than 60,000,000 US dollars from Ukrainian politicians and hadn’t paid even a cent of taxes (this gave him away). His clients were almost the entire Ukrainian political establishment – Yanukovych, Kolesnikov, Pinchuk, Tihipko, Akhmetov, and among them – Poroshenko himself (he tries to disprove the information). He helped them by all means to win elections, and they – paid for his services million dollars. Undeclared and, most likely, our budgetary funds. Ukrainian PR specialists now are puzzling over how politicians can get away with it, and in the USA, they are thinking, whether they need to help our country after such a scandal or not.

Black Mural with the Face

On August 7, 2008, combat units of the Russian army crossed the Roki Tunnel and, thus, broke into the territory of Georgia. Therefore, began the Russo-Georgian war. The Russian military operation lasted only five days and ended with the occupation of the Tskhinvali region of the country. It also became the starting point for many other events in the world. It is believed that precisely this attack (more precisely, the inert reaction of the West to it) persuaded Putin that the next step should be aggression against Ukraine.

Since then, 10 years have passed, but Georgia hasn’t become even one step closer to the return of the occupied territories.

Tbilisi’s hope for the military intervention of the West, primarily the United States, hadn’t happened. However, West has concentrated on the support of the reforms – and here, Tbilisi had a real success. Georgia signed an Association Agreement in a record time. The Georgians got visa-free regime (with the EU) despite the fact that migration conditions were worse than in Ukraine. Georgia is now much closer to NATO than Ukraine, although in 2008 the difference between us was not so obvious.

“Europeiska Pravda” was trying to find out the reasons for success and the conclusions that can be drawn from this by Ukraine. Recommended.

Faces on the Concrete Blocks

In Odesa, the performance of Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich had to be canceled because of the threat. The unknown added a profile of the Belarusian writer to the site “Myrotvorets” with alleged “writer’s accusations of Ukrainians in the Holocaust”. Within an hour, this information was removed from the site, and the organizers of the event started to receive anonymous threats about the disruption of the performance. In general, the fact that the publication on an odious site can affect the security in the city, upsets. This is no longer a witch hunt, but a real provocation out of mercenary motives.

The situation was aptly expressed by the Russian writer Dmitrii Bykov: “Stop, stop, you harm yourself”. Svetlana Alexievich won’t fail, she speaks all over the world, she is on the list of the biggest authors of Europe, the fact that she received the Nobel Prize is not so important at all, this award has long time ago lost its credibility, and this year it’s not awarded at all, and these internal Nobel scandals are terribly enjoyable to everybody, who doesn’t have and will never get it, and the thing is not about  Nobel, but about the fact that Alexievich wrote several books that changed the world, revealed the truth about the things, about which nobody talks”.

Also, a few hours before the cancellation of the performance, Opinion has managed to speak with the Nobel laureate and ask her: is there any difference between the Soviet and Ukrainian mentality. Svetlana Alexievich, a Nobel laureate, “When we deal with geopolitics instead of the history – there is no truth”.

Mural of the Revival

Oleg Sentsov has been on his hunger strike for 90 days. His pulse dropped to 40 beats per minute, it is difficult for him to stand, and he can only be transported to the hospital by a plane – and the Russian authorities are not in a hurry to save the life of Ukrainian prisoner. The Kremlin received a letter from the director’s mother, requesting to pardon her son but it hadn’t considered it. The Ukrainian Ombudswoman Denisova seeks to transport Oleg at least to the hospital in Moscow, and it’s also in vain. According to the lawyer of the director, Sentsov understands that he is on the verge of life and death and he is only interested in one thing: is Ukraine fighting for the release of every prisoner?

It is fighting, Oleg…

By Kostyantyn Rul

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