From candidates to candidates or starry sky

Stars in politics are not a new phenomenon. Even in the dense Soviet, pre-TV days, music and theatre stars lightened up the dark halls of the plenary sessions of the Stalinist team. Ronald Reagan had become almost the only artist in the world, who made such a breakthrough from the film frame to the presidential cabinet. It seems that the figure of Reagan inspires our stars to declare themselves as candidates for presidential candidates.

Just another day, the singer Anastasia Prikhodko announced her intention to claim the presidency, and her intention, on the background of other statements, is pretty decent and serious. In addition, active volunteerism and intends to create a unifying political force – only strengthen the seriousness of the figure – which cannot be said about the other star candidates.

Ivo Bobul was first to declare his campaign to the presidency, indicating that he does not like, what course the country is taking and he is ready to change everything. However, in all presidential ratings, there are his heavy competitors – Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and Volodymyr Zelensky, who still mysteriously keep on hold their political plains. Meanwhile, Ivo Bobul said that he would find money for elections in America, more specifically he would ask them directly from Donald Trump since they had common political views. Then, why not to ask. One should also remember this method and press on the neighbor with a common political opinion so that he returns the debt. Or doesn’t it work in the other direction?

The rescue of Ukraine by Ivo Vasylyovych has a rather mysterious image. Actually, the same as other politicians. But the people are already supporting the artist and advise him to immediately take Pavlo Zibrov to the team.

The altruistic plans of the campaign for the presidency were voiced even by the idol of all Ninos and the she-wolves – Oleg Vinnyk. From his intention, tears are drawn to the eyes, because he said that he would gladly go to the presidency and save Ukraine if he had a billion. He would have given every penny for its prosperity, but no… There is no money, therefore Vinnyk will not go to the presidency, and it’s a pity.

Last fall, I was almost beaten in the Kryvorizhzhya brand train for criticizing Volodymyr Zelensky and the presidential image that was being pulled on him. People so needed the image of their president that after seeing the fantastic “Servant of the people”, he was immediately turned into a real one and attributed to Volodymyr Zelensky all that was peculiar to Vasyl Goloborodko. And it worked out because even without official statements of Volodymyr, his name is in the top candidates for the presidency according to all the latest polls.

Maybe only Svyatoslav Vakarchuk shares the place in the rating with him. I was almost beaten on Twitter for him. The encoded meanings of Vakarchuk’s songs and tweets turn him into a true superhero, also with the ability to cut the memory. The adepts of the “golden voice” in some strange way forgot about the political activities of the idol, and Svyatoslav Ivanovych was a deputy from “Our Ukraine”  and stayed in the Verkhovna Rada a little more than a year, and then saying something like “I’m tired, I leave” resigned powers. Svyatoslav Ivanovich, also did not officially confirm or deny his plans for the presidency, but only stated a new thoughtful tweet about the hard lot of the Ukrainian people.

Verka Serdyuchka (Andriy Danylko) can join the company of Zelensky and Vakarchuk, and he does not see anything wrong with such competitors and insists that he has enough knowledge to be a president.

I suspect that this is not yet a complete list of candidates for presidential candidates. Here artists, writers, theatrical figures will catch up. It is likely that the journalists did not ask everyone about this. But when they interview that list will increase at times, some will agree to the candidacy for PR, someone will want to jest, and someone will do “like everyone else”. But how it can affect real elections and the future of the country is an open question.

Tatusya Bo

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