In the case of the “Stus” movie release with inaccurate information about the leader of the public movement “Ukrainian Choice” and pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, he “reserves the right to appropriate legal actions, including those aimed at prohibiting the film from being shown through the court”. This is said in a statement by Medvedchuk, which was announced on August 12 by his lawyer Igor Kyrylenko on the website of the movement, reports Ukrainska Pravda.

“Any person who was accused under Article 62 of the Criminal Code of the USSR was considered “an enemy of the Soviet state” and it was programmed for a corresponding sentence… The role of the lawyer, which the state itself forced to engage in such cases, was unenviable and did not have a significant meaning in a previously known decision,” Medvedchuk said.

Earlier, it turned out that in the script of the film about the dissident Vasyl Stus, that should be screened in 2019, all references to Viktor Medvedchuk were removed. Medvedchuk acted as a defender in the trial of the poet, although Stus himself refused from him.

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