In the social media, for several days, the scandal around the filming about famous Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus doesn’t stop. The reason is the cut scene with the participation of Viktor Medvedchuk, who in 1980 was writer’s lawyer and practically did nothing to protect him. The big publicity did its job: the film crew promised to add to the film a story of the trial and Medvedchuk. However, now Putin’s friend isn’t silent. He promises to sue them if he won’t be satisfied with the “truthfulness” of the added scene. More about long discussion – in reactions from Opinion.

Indeed, the official web-page of the film about Vasyl Stus noted that the court scene was removed from the latest drafts of the script, along with two dozen others. They say that the picture will go at the boiling point of the election campaign, and therefore they don’t want to make the film about a great man an instrument of influence and arguments. Yeah, brilliantly, ladies and gentlemen. It’s better just to cut the story of the same great man, to remove an important detail, to keep silent.

Further, however, everyone admitted their guilt and thanked Ukrainians for their attention to the project. They promise that in the near future the scene will be filmed. Well well.

In order for everyone to understand the scale of the discussion about Viktor Medvedchuk‘s presence and absence in the film, here is a screenshot of the post by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman who personally instructed Ministry of culture and Derzhkino (state film agency) to do everything possible to tell Stus’s story honestly, truthfully, fully and without distortion. But, to be honest, hundreds of posts from well-known bloggers, activists, and just users could work more efficiently. And, at last, it worked.

And it seems to be a victory, Medvedchuk will be shown and even a true one. However, his lawyer Ihor Kyrylenko has already begun to promise that if the film comes out with inaccurate information about Viktor Medvedchuk, one should wait for lawsuits. Well, let’s go with that. To portray Medvedchuk in accordance with reality, like… khm .. khm-khm … a lawyer who didn’t think how to save the writer. Hmm.

According to the public activist Roman Kulyk, the apology and promise to put an episode with Medvedchuk is not something extraordinary, since this had to be done from the beginning without worrying about all sorts of politics, possible scandals or threats from Putin’s friend. What does the movie have now? Increased attention and proportional to this level of requirements and criticism. According to Kulyk, with such a halo it’s hard to expect the project to be a big premiere. Well, the premiere is still far away, for now, we will be happy with small victories. Although I’ve never thought that “victory” and “Medvedchuk” could be in one sentence together.

Instead, a Ukrainian actor, radio and TV host, blogger Andriy Alyokhin proposed to conduct a separate casting for the role of Medvedchuk. Well, just imagine, instead of “Dancing with the stars” to the “1+1” hundreds of people who seek to become Medvedchuks come, and in the jury sits … Khm … Oksana Marchenko and at the end she says: Medvedchuk himself is the winner. Bravo, Mr. Andriy, I give “A+” and hats off to you.

Journalist and publicist Larysa Voloshyna in her turn emphasized that the film became an indicator also because after all the years of struggle, war and uprisings in Ukraine it is still not possible to make the film about Stus. Moreover, the whole story around the film, Mrs. Voloshyna called the verdict to all of us. Well, though, after this post everything began to fall to its places: the episode will be, and Medvedchuk will be a little bit angry. Harmony.

The blogger and journalist Olena Dobrovolska is convinced that the story of Medvedchuk’s wife Oksana Marchenko and the scandal with the removal of Medvedchuk himself from the film about Stus are links of one chain. It’s like, Mr. Putin’s friend no longer wants to be just a kingmaker, he needs legitimization in the eyes of Ukrainians. Yep. So let’s just legitimize him. And then move him to another “legitimate” somewhere near Rostov. Let them compete who is more legitimate.

The writers, Capranov brothers think quite differently, arguing that Medvedchuk and his role in the case of Stus are now will be heard by millions. Therefore, Mr. Medvedchuk made a huge mistake with this scandal. Just wait, let the film come out. I think, after such a publicity, there are great chances that everything will be shown as it really was.

And the writer Andriy Kokotyukha somehow found the words of Medvedchuk that Stus was condemned lawfully because he was against the Soviet authorities. The answer from the writer was not delayed: he would be pleased with Medvedchuk’s condemnation because he opposes Ukraine. Really? Really. What a balance? Even the opposition is good and evil. Even more, it’s double.

By the way, about possible lawsuits by Medvedchuk and his lawyer. Blogger Boris Nemyrovski is convinced that in this case… Putin will have to look for another friend, because the old man, he says, will expire. Heh.

At the same time, political scientist Victor Taran believes that such a reaction demonstrates that we stroke very painfully the hot spot of Medvedchuk, and now the main thing is not to stop. As a next stage, a political scientist sees a struggle with Marchenko and “Dancing…”. As for me, one out of two looks a little bit more important. That’s why we’re fighting and we will fight.

And on the same topic, a bit of a beauty. The author is a blogger and political scientist Leonid Shvets.

The idea that it was unacceptable to make a movie about Stus without Mr. Medvedchuk was supported by the artist and director of the Odessa Art Museum Oleksandr Roytburd. He emphasized that without real events it would resemble the late Soviet biographies of the repressed and rehabilitated. «USSR in its pure form”, if you quote it word by word.

Oh, I’ve almost missed. Here’s an alternative version of the whole movie. They say that the whole Hollywood crew worked on this short script.

And at the end of our review – a bit of wonderful humor by blogger Anton Hodza. Bye-bye my darlings, and don’t forget to percept everything with a good share of critical thinking and doubt.

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