Thursday, 27 February

Letter to Sentsov

 I would like to talk to you like a friend. 


You know, we’re loosing on all fronts, and time, it’s lesser and lesser of it. And there is no place to hide the truth. Often they simply hide or try not to notice it. And, you know, it’s beneficial to everyone – to those who have interests and concerns and even to those who don’t have those interests. And it hurts.

We’re losing because we make films about the war with Russia in order to show them at festivals, where they don’t hide their pro-Russian views.

We’re marching to the rallies to tell the world about the prisoners of the Kremlin, in particular about you, we’re marching to get the Lord himself, perhaps. After that, we’re chilling in places where the Russian world is propagated. We listen to their lectures, how they, Russians, fight with kites and for some reason they teach us to live. We go to concerts of those who don’t recognize Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine. We dance to the dumb bit and the map of Crimea gradually disappears from the new textbooks on the history of Ukraine.

Oleg, we are in the process of becoming a dull sheep, and your surname – Sentsov, now has become a “brand”.

Today it’s “fancy” to wear a T-shirt with your tired face (“fancy” is not the right word, but I will use it), hashtags – the definition of “consciousness” and means of purification.

You’re just like Jesus, suffering and dying for all our sins, and while you’re doing it, we can sin more. Then we’ll just add #FreeSentsov to our profile pictures (like a candle in the church, and immediately purify our karma for one hundred years in advance.

I am sorry to admit it, but the phrase “we’re tired of war” sounds like a death sentence to the whole country. “We’re tired of war”. Yes! They’re tired. Everybody. Especially here: in their flats, at work, in public transport and fast food restaurants; tired of war, while opening the fridge and searching through the TV channels; they’re tired – especially from the news about death and panel discussions of “intellectuals” about all these things; Tired of comments, jokes, and reposts.

How can you talk so much about this war? How much can you talk about political prisoners?

And that’s why we meet with applause Russian performers (and it doesn’t matter whom: musician, director, writer or poet; doesn’t matter who the fuck is that – Russian will tell you how they live there and how should we live). Everything is right.

It’s been a long time since everything had turned into a show, the finale of which will be a bloody bath in crowded public areas. There is only one question – when and where it will happen for the first time…

Sorry for everything!


Best regards,


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