Sometimes, to awake all pro-Russian forces of the network, it’s enough just to share one good news on your page. But what news! In Odesa, 83% of parents wrote an application that they want their children to study in Ukrainian. More on how the myth about”Russian city” was broken – in reactions from Opinion.

The social activist Oleksandr Vinnytsky was the first to announce the news about an impressive 83%. According to him, such news should be the nails in the coffin of ”Odesa is a Russian city”. And you know, Oleksandr, I’m eager to help you with those nails. In general, this news became possible due to the changes and the new law “On Education”, because it is the parents who now choose the language in which their children are educated in elementary school.

Although at first, the message of Oleksandr was treated by some users somehow skeptical. The head of the department of education and science of the city council Olena Buynevych set the record straight. She stressed that, indeed, the figure was verified, and nobody had “fixed” anything. And why should they do it? After all, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, the language of education in institutions is Ukrainian, without any separate applications.

The news was cheered by a public activist and ex-leader of Odesa’s branch of the Right Sector Serhiy Sternenko. “Russian city”, yep. Well, my darling, the thesis of Russian propaganda is decaying step by step, we still have some chances.

However, not everyone shares the joy of the future first-graders in Odesa. Local photographer Maksim Voytenko expressed the belief that 83 % is an indicator of county’s authorities’ influence on the Odesa City Hall. Wait, isn’t it that journalist and photographer whom civic society activists repeatedly accuse of separatism? Or maybe I’m confusing everything. As usual, there are no such coincidences.

On the web-page of the movement “Let’s counter Russia”, this news, of course, was named victory. Also, they added that the new indicator is 25% higher than the previous years. And especially valuable is that it’s a conscious choice of parents. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, my darlings. I’m already waiting for the next summer and a new increase in interest. It’s going to hurt somewhere.

However, for somebody, the news was so joyful that emotions hadn’t even let them write a comment about it. I understand, I barely keep myself from putting a dot and going out to celebrate.

A journalist and activist Olena Balaba, in her turn, shared with readers her observations of the “pro-Russian” segment of the network. In general, everything is quite typical here: school-kids were forced, they had no opportunity to choose, we couldn’t find the “Russian class” and all that kind of stuff. For the “Russian classes,” the activist found the solution. It’s necessary just to travel 800 kilometers and cross the state border. I think, they definitely won’t get lost.

The artist Serhii Bryhar tried to explain such a high rate. In his opinion, the Odessa people are quite pragmatic ones, and before they do something, they always answer the question “Where is the profit”. Therefore, there is no need to look for signs of an explosion of patriotism or coercion. It’s just that people see the prospects of the project named “Ukrainian state” and believe that joining it may be beneficial. You know, even this kind of thinking is not a betrayal; because there’s always an alternative in which, thank God, parents of first-graders didn’t take part.

Serhiy Osnach, a member of the Expert Committee on the distribution and demonstration of films at Derzhkino, also emphasized that news is a victory. He also conveyed special greetings to those who believed in populist rhetoric that claimed the law on education as”non-patriotic”. Now, it’s just worth monitoring whether the law is implemented and the language of education in Ukrainian schools and classes really is Ukrainian. This is the victory that needs our loyalty.

Civic activist Nadiya Yashan described how in 2000 she began to teach Ukrainian language and literature at one of Odessa schools. The author of the post had left that place because of the reluctance to give lectures just for fan and draw grades. Today, Odesa is moving towards the right direction, and this indicator is the best for all times.

Journalist and historian Vakhtang Kipiani made a comment in the battle of comments under the post written by Alexander Vinnytsky. He says, instead of “pro-Russians” there are superpatriots of the 3rd Armchair Unit. What a life, everywhere those patriots, even on the armchair fronts…

The writer and publisher Anton Sanchenko decided to be a “boring memory of Facebook”, he said that the same turmoil among pro-Russian citizens was somewhere in 2012 because of the Mykolaiv. According to Sanchenko, we are just beginning to reap the fruits of the language law of two “wonderful” gentlemen.

Irina Berlyand also wrote about the “Russian city” and the necessity of Ukrainization. According to him, being bilingual is good, but now it’s better to have another second language. Indeed. Let it be.

Reactions were collected and the victory was celebrated by Stepan the Goat

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