Titushko Vadym, who became notorious on the eve of EuroMaidan because of his attack on journalists, is wanted by Ukrainian law enforcement officers. This time, Titushko is suspected of assaults made by the organized group for the purpose of robbery. More about the search of a person whose surname has turned into an entire term – in reactions from Opinion.

The first deputy head of the national police, Vyacheslav Abroskin, informed the news about the “hero” forgotten by the rest of the world. According to the author of the post, the name Titushka has become household and symbolizes crooked-provocateurs, and its bearer, apparently, is a strange man. It seems that time and dubious fame have taught him nothing. Well, Mr. Vyacheslav, you have to understand: time goes by, glory is also passing, and you must somehow remind people of yourself. So, you’ve helped.

However, it seems that it’s not fully possible for Vadym to return to media space right now because even the news about his new accomplishments were discussed, let’s be honest, by not so many users. However, Titushko still grasped his portion of “hype”. The writer and journalist Bogdan Logvynenko made an ironic-humorous list of how Vadim could continue his career. Among the other points are: a pop star, a competitor at the Eurovision Song Contest, a TV host,  and a mayor of the Bila Tserkva. Such a surname is out of sight! But the journalist explained everything quite transparently: Vadym once executed orders and attacked journalists, but now he just wasn’t able to give up such a life.

The blogger Sergii Naumovych is convinced: we should blame for everything the last name, should he work in IT with it? Although, who knows, it could be a not bad antivirus, say.

Instead, journalist Mykhailo Tkach has an alternative version of why Mr. Vadym is still wanted. He says there is an option that the governor in the Mykolaiv region may be changed. Of course, he’s not Zelensky, but maybe the thing is that Titushko is a descendant of the famous Conan? Then everything would be in its places.

As journalist Iryna Saliy believes, this guy is worth being a protagonist of a book. After all, the person gave the name to the whole social group! It will be named: “Return of the Titushko”. Only it would be better without no sequels such as the “Attack of the Titushkos”.

Oleksandr Shvets, a journalist and chief editor of the newspaper “Facts and Comments”, perceives Vadim Titushko, in some sense, as a historical figure. However,  this figure does not seem to have stepped on the path to correction. “How else can he get fame?” the journalist asks. Ehh, Mr. Oleksandr, the main thing for him is not to best his own achievements.

You were scrolling to a colored picture, skipping the rest of the text? Here you get the most concise explanation of the whole situation from the blogger, journalist, and TV host Viktor Lytovchenko: Again Titushko. Really, who would have thought?

And here is another complicated joke, in the interpretation of which I need your help. Blogger Viktor Datsko, noted that Vadym Titushko missed this year’s barge with Kherson watermelons. Well, who is the most attentive reader, explain to me, please. Some difficult jokes have appeared.

As it turned out, the secret of returning is quite simple: Titushko finally realized that the revolution had given him a chance, and he had decided to use it. However, I thought that this chance was in forgetting about his heroic achievements of the past, but not. As they say, you can’t forget the classics, and when you need it, classics remind you of it.

But everything is not so simple. According to journalist Oleksandr Piddubny, a rather interesting situation is emerging: the territory of Ukraine becomes a field of activity for gangs, which are rooted to the criminal groups that have been actively developing under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. Adding to the book about Titushko some correction complimenting it’s heading with “… and the company”.  Be good boys and girls, my darlings, and keep track of your information security. See you!

Reactions were collected and a shelter from Titushko was found by Stepan the Goat

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