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The Ukrainian climate and calendar gave equal rights to all our seasons. Everyone received three months. However, when the summer is already packing the suitcases and there are first cool nights outside, it seems that only a couple of weeks have passed since June 1.

Summer, however hot or rainy, is always small. This luxurious minimum of clothes, long light evenings, warm water in the rivers, sun bunnies at five in the morning, sunglasses, picnics, generous gardens, flowers, red strawberries, yellow tomatoes and striped watermelons – all this together with beautiful thunderstorms and anticyclonic sunburn makes summer atmospheric branch of happiness. Or will we still be happy? Without a doubt.

In the coming days, from August 30-31 until next week, a young Indian summer will come to Ukraine, as a rule, it begins on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on August 28. Most areas will be dominated by increased atmospheric pressure, dry air, sunny and cloudy weather. That is, no precipitation is expected. The only exception is that in the western part, more precisely, in the Carpathian region, there is a possibility of periodic local small rains, sometimes with thunderstorms.

The air temperature will not be so homogeneous. In the western, northern regions, as well as in Vinnytsya, thermometer columns will fluctuate within comfortable limits, +24 +29 degrees. But in the southern part, in the east and in most of the central regions, the real summer heat will still hold. The maximum air temperature will reach +28 +33 degrees. With such a synoptic situation, the fire danger will increase. Be careful with fire. Do not throw cigarette butts and do not burn garbage, especially near forests or fields.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


The night air temperature of the highest is expected in the southern part, +15 +23 degrees. In the rest of the territory, it will be +13 +18 degrees.

In the Carpathians, it is +8 +12 degrees. The first sign of early autumn will be the night and morning fogs and haze. Therefore, drivers should be especially careful and make sure that the headlights are turned on. Such security measures become especially relevant when a new academic year begins.

In Kyiv, the young Indian summer will fully support its image of a good weather. In the near future, the precipitation is not expected in the capital. On August 30-31, on September 1-2 and the first half of next week the sun will shine in Kyiv, the air temperature will be comfortable. During the day, about +25 +29 degrees, at night +13 +17 degrees are expected.

Summer is packing suitcases. It wants to rest too. But we’ll still be with it on the platform, thank him, hug him warmly before we start waving the rain-scarfs along to its departing train. Summer, we love you.

Natalka Didenko

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