MP, ex-“regional” and owner of NewsOne Eugene Muraev transferred 100% of the authorized fund of his TV channel to Andriy Portnov, the former first deputy head of the Yanukovych administration. The SBU has commenced proceedings against him under the article “state treason” in March. More on how six and half a dozen differ – in reactions from Opinion.

So, Mr. Muraev himself, who, I remind you, named Sentsov a terrorist, named his channel one of the brightest experiences and praised the team. But Mr. Portnov, the one whom you thought of, Muraev … praised, even more, naming him the famous lawyer and just a good person. This, of course, could be a problem if Eugene hadn’t added: both of them see the world equally picturesque. Sure, what to worry about, then?

The new head of TV channel promised to show respect for all those involved in the work of NewsOne and protect them from the pressure of law enforcement and the administration of the president. But this is not the boiling point, at the end of the day Portnov turned to Petro Poroshenko with the words “if you want to give the channel a task, call me first”. So, before they got tasks directly, like everybody? Funny stories from Portnov, episode number one.

In fact, here it will be difficult to make a betrayal out of it. Why? Because nothing changes substantially. All this was not bad illustrated in his post by a businessman and blogger Karl Volokh. He said like, what a tragic news, now the channel will be managed by Moscow through the obvious enemy Portnov. Before that, it was better: it was managed through the obvious enemy Muraev.

Political technologist and journalist Taras Berezovets also tried to put everything in its places. For the sake of justice, I will say that I describe all screenshots in alphabetical order, therefore it is impossible to understand who has come to this first. Moreover, almost all of them have come to the same conclusions. So, Berezovets says that not Portnov, but the Kremlin had entered NewOne. This way, Russia’s influence on the elections in Ukraine becomes quite clear and has all the chances for further growth. Although, you know, it’s not the best indicator. We’ll see who will attend the TV channel, who will be invited. Then everything will be even more obvious and understandable.

For those who like to receive information in a shorter format, political strategist Oleksiy Golobutsky has already done a great job. Briefly about the main thing, just rinse your screen afterward. With a holy water.

The very discussion, according to journalist Sergiy Grishyn, is not so necessary, because before the leader of the channel wasn’t an angel with white wings.

In order to defuse a little bit tensions of Murayev-Portnov performance, take some facebook folklore. Almost complete syllabus of the whole news.

And now, let’s have some causal links from journalist Valeriya Ivashkina. A month ago, whom do you think they’ve presented at the NewsOne? Yep, it was Medvedchuk. Something like, here’s a new member of the party “For Life”. After that, Mr. Muraev spoke somewhat critically about this on his webpage. Then the producer and the host of the show, where, by the way, Medvedchuk had appeared, left the channel. The share of Murayev began to decrease. Now Murayev gives everything to Portnov. I cannot think of the better name than the journalist came up with, so here we go – synopsis for the series “Who is the master of this house”.

Political expert Olexiy Minakov is convinced that even the management of the channel by Portnov, the top official of the Yanukovych times, won’t stop the “useful idiots” among politicians and experts from visiting this channel. By the way, Minakov also talks about the master of the house: The owner of the TV channel, according to him, is in fact Medvedchuk. Cat-and-mouse, what more can you say. Once upon a time three brothers have gathered and decided to hide the TV channel one by one.

According to the political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya simply stated: this is just another degree of the Russian information warfare, which is now transferred to the inner information space of the country.

Journalist Maxym Pobokin also chose the tactics of a laconic writer simply by asking how long it will be necessary to persuade normal journalists to leave NewsOne. Although, not everything is so obvious: money does not stink for somebody, maybe.

However, Victor Taran, a political scientist, receives the prize for the best retelling of the story (this time it’s not sarcasm). When Medvedchuk became the new bottom with his “112” channel, from the real bottom, the Portnov knocked together with his NewsOne.

I am not a betrayal lover, but it seems that blogger Mason Lemberg is rightly trying to reach Mr. Yuriy Stets, Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine. Yuri, it seems, something really went wrong.

They say that all this resembles watching of “Down of the Dead”, with only one great difference – it’s not cinema. Even my victory-loving soul suggests that a share of truth is present in it.

Reactions and Russian TV channels in Ukraine were collected by Stepan the Goat

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