During the process of discussion and signing of the Minsk agreements, Putin was so nervous that he began threatening the Ukrainian president to finally crush our army. In fact, it proved that Russian troops were in the east. About this and the other important and interesting moments of February 2015 former French president Francois Hollande has written in his book “Lessons of Power”. About the facts that until recently have remained behind the scenes of negotiations in Minsk – in reactions from Opinion.

Hollande hardly expected that one August day his new book would become extremely popular in Ukraine. Well, not the book actually, but its small part. It is a part where the former head of France dared to tell what was actually happening in Minsk in 2015. Blogger Mason Lemberg singled out four quotes from Hollande’s memoirs. According to the text, the intentions of Vladimir Putin were already evident then: he wanted to preserve the influence on the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine and weaken the new government. According to Francois Hollande, Poroshenko and Putin were yelling at each other, and then the Russian president was so nervous that he threatened to crush Ukrainian troops. Actually, then it became clear: there are Russians in the East of Ukraine. Apparently, the title of “Poroshenko-bot”, which is not so difficult to obtain here, online, is not very pleasing to the blogger, so he immediately explained: he published quotes because he’s tired of all these proposals about new deals and talks about the leadership in polls of far from the most reliable candidates.

The question, whether the whole West understands what has happened, is obviously rhetorical. At least, this is a point of view of the diplomat Oleh Belokolos, as there are already statements about “renewal of relations” with Russia. Well, what can I say here, my darling? Sometimes, to at least try to soberly evaluate the situation, it’s worth to set aside your own business. I don’t stress the face value of the words of Hollande, but it will be somewhat more difficult to name him “Poroshenko-bot” or his sycophant, my dear betrayal lovers?

Poroshenko himself won’t reveal any details of that meeting for six more years. At least, this was written by his adviser Yuriy Biryukov. He says that Hollande’s memoirs fully explain all the actions of our enemies in one sentence: “Poroshenko has undeniably defeated the sovereignty of his country”. I think we will keep it without excessive heroism.

The businessman and blogger Karl Volokh recalled boys and girls, who for four years are talking about the readiness of our president to give Ukraine to Putin and criticizing the Minsk agreements. Well, Mr. Karl, did they know that former presidents may decide to become writers. Who knew, who knew. It seems that in the book of Mr. Hollande, along with the Ukrainian readers, the first local haters appeared.

To a certain extent, the words of the former president of France were confirmed by Iryna Gerashchenko, the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. She attended several negotiations and saw how hard Poroshenko defended his country and its integrity. She says, that there were no cameras during these talks, so the position of Ukraine’s leader was unlikely to be a PR. Yeah, imagine the cameras, where everybody would see, how somebody shout at Putin. A half of the neighboring country would have a heart attack.

Who shouted at someone more loudly is not the point of the whole thing. Although, this, of course, is also interesting to me. Political scientist Olexiy Golobutskij wrote about more important things: From the very beginning, the international community knew, understood and had evidence of Russian military invasion. But, usually, there is the “price of doing business”, which by 2015 was obviously too high.

And there is nothing to cheer about yet: a political scientist explains that today the consequences of future presidential elections are a matter of national security, not just politics or economic development. If we choose the “friends of Russia”, then we will easily lose not only the occupied territories and any prospect of obtaining reparations and everything destroyed and stolen by Russia but also our statehood. Here, boy and girls, we have almost a social commercial. But admitting, to those who ignore the elections and don’t take advantage of the citizen’s rights, Stepan the Goat will come in a sleep and joke his bad jokes until the morning.

Traditionally, for those who don’t want to read too many letters (don’t blush, I’m the same) – here is a little bit of facebook folk art. I would like to quote a piece, but I will need to get censored synonyms for every key part of the text, and I don’t like to name things with wrong names.

Do you know what is a real rage in the social media? Just read this post by Mrs. blogger Alla Komarova. One, but the no less important date for this review that I found thanks for the Facebook algorithms: April 11th. Yeah, it was then that Hollande’s book came out, and almost the next day, the Atlanteans of Russian journalism were writing how cool was Putin portrayed there. Yep. I think I’ll go and look for some memoirs, maybe by December I’ll know what to write about.

However, it was not without jokes and even pretty good ones. For example, Eugene Magda, Director of the Institute for World Politics, asked if Mr. Oland was writing his memoirs under the influence of the “Crazy Bee” (candies made on the president’s factories). Yeah, with the taste of the Minsk agreements.

Political adviser and ex-deputy Viktor Ukolov only rhetorically asked: do we need Hollande to believe our own president? He does not need a response, just asks everybody to answer to himself. Well, conscience, come here, it’s time for us to talk about our relationship.

A philosopher and cultural scientist, Oleksiy Panych, stated that Mr. Hollande, by means of his memoirs, actually formulated the agenda for the next presidential election in Ukraine. What a riddles they make those political scientists, and you have to sit and decode all of it. Eh. Be nice and read more books, my darlings. See you!

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