Wednesday, 28 October

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew during a meeting with the Moscow Patriarch Kirill in Istanbul told him about the implementation of the decision on autocephaly in Ukraine. Metropolitan bishop Emmanuel Galsky made such a statement, emphasizing that the Ecumenical Patriarchate decided to use all the means to solve the issue of autocephaly for the UOC (Ukrainian Orthodox Church) because overcoming the church split in Ukraine remains an important issue. More – in reactions from Opinion.

As the spokesman of the UOC-KP (Kyiv Patriarchate) Yevstratiy Zorya noted on his page, there is insider information that the Moscow Patriarch proposed to hold an international conference on the issue of Ukrainian autocephaly, in which the parties would set out their arguments and historical documents.  However, Zorya emphasizes: such a proposal can be taken on board, after the announcement of Tomos, in order to induce the Moscow Patriarchate to recognize the autocephaly of the UOC.

Semen Kabakaev, coordinator of the Stop Terror group, like most of the users (as well as Stepan the Goat), was delighted with the news of the decision of Bartholomew, stressing that this way one of the pillars of the “Russian world” in Ukraine would finally collapse. I think those who put that pillar need to hold on well so that they won’t have a good strike at their head.

It seems that political consultant and MP Viktor Ukolov decided to troll Kirill a little, noting that he had come there just to hear the news about autocephaly of the UOC. Well, what can you say, maybe, Kirill likes to fly. It’s not the best idea to sit at the house on the last day of summer.

Political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya stated that the visit of Mr. Kirill can’t stop the process of giving Tomos to the Ukrainian church. The expert also reminded that the meeting was at the request of the Moscow Patriarch himself. However, everything looks like humiliation and complete destruction of the plans of the Russian Orthodox Church. Here I want to say – Amen! Just don’t beat me with sticks.

Today we are going to play in a statement of facts. Consequently, political scientist Viktor Taran stressed that Russian strategy is decaying, along with it falls such a dear to Moscow patriarch “Russian World”. Taran says that we are one step closer to the victory. The Goat adds that we are one more step further from Moscow. Not a bad reason to drink, on the last day of summer, it’s even Friday?

Orest Sokhar, a blogger, and journalist said that today a significant part of fellow citizens won’t be able to appreciate the significance of Bartholomew’s statement on the granting of Tomos to our state since one more separation from the Russian orbit can only be felt in 20-30 years. Well, it’s OK, we’ll have to rejoice and celebrate for everyone, right?

The writer and journalist Vitaliy Portnikov emphasized that if the Ecumenical Patriarch doesn’t step back from his decision and gives Tomos to Ukraine, this will be a confirmation of the leading role of Constantinople, no matter how Moscow reacts. Finally, it was Kirill who went to Bartholomew, thereby acknowledging his right to make fundamental decisions. Auto-goal, to cut the thing short.

Social and political activist Bohdan Chervak believes that we can’t count so blindly on Bartholomew in the issue of Tomos. In fact, a lot depends on him, but not everything. After all, for the church to preserve its dignity is no less important than getting a Tomos.

A blogger, volunteer, and social activist Nazar Prykhodko remembered the first arrival of Kirill to Kyiv, then there were all kinds of fights with “Cossack”, chanting “Kirill go to Kuril”… But the main thing, according to Prykhodko, is that we will have a canonical church, and we will be able to restore historical and spiritual justice after centuries of being robbed. You know, my darlings, I am far from being religious, but my mood is getting better and better somehow.

By the way, according to political expert Olexiy Minakov, the Serbian patriarch asked Bartholomew not to give Tomos to Ukraine. In general, the specialist says that everything is clear: those are the tentacles of the Kremlin in European countries. When it’s necessary, they say what has been ordered. It’s OK, any tentacles can be cut, or you can go away from them at least.

And now look at this, please. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, now everything is just fine. Voila!

And a bit about the Kirill issue.

That’s the last for today, after this, I’ll wish you to be polite and behave yourself, so here a bit of Facebook folklore.  That’s it! Be polite, kisses-love-hugs and I run for the weekend. We’ll see!

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