This week our country began its 28th year of existence. It would seem, that the problem of self-identification of the teenager was left in the past, but with the help of revenge seekers people in our country once again talk about “friendship” (that is the word) with Russia; the oligarchs of Kuchma’s time buy media, and politicians are ready for anything ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections. It seems like a portal to the Kremlin has been opened during these 7 days. More – in the traditional Opinion digest.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через мурали колишнього шахтаря з Донбасу

This time, for the visualization of the text, the work of the former miner was chosen, and now – the popular street art artist, Oleksandr Korban. In 2014, he was forced to leave his home and move to Kyiv. Already there, his works became known all over the world, and the artist started being invited abroad to paint murals there. It is rather relevant to the Day of the Miner (August 26), and this week it would be desirable to separately remind about the problems of Donbas and its inhabitants – how many other residents of this region could create, work (and at least go to school) and live, if not the Russian aggression.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через мурали колишнього шахтаря з Донбасу

“Medvedchuk-TV” is already on all screens of the country. According to unofficial data, Putin’s kum and a representative of Ukraine in Minsk (it sounds like an oxymoron, though), Viktor Medvedchuk became the owner of 112 TV channel and NewsOne. On the first one the “Great interview with a great politician” was broadcasted with the first guest Medvedchuk. Thus, those who did not defend Vasyl Stus of a Soviet law, those who are constantly keen on peace with Russia, and do not seem to know at all about the 10,000 dead in Donbas and 2 million those who left their homes forever and ran away from Russia’s “GRADs”.

“And here’s the question to other walkers in the broadcast news channels. If you think, that to participate in the broadcasts of “Russia-Today” and “Russia-24″ is a reasonable behaviour, then why on earth do you go to the television channels that are poorly hidden Russian information resources in Ukraine?

Recently, the NewsOne ignore lasted for a few days. Is it possible to ignore Medvedchuk-TV? Will the great patriots run and continue to broadcast on the first call”, the journalist Oleksii Bratuschak said.

Open pro-Russian agenda has not yet been seen in the general editorial policy of the channel. However, in the program of Channel 112 now, since the summer, there is, for example, Denys Zharkikh, known for his participation in the broadcast of Russian propaganda TV channels criticizing the Ukrainian authorities.
Thus, on the eve of the election, the Ukrainian media landscape is undergoing change, and there are new players with political ambitions. And in this case – geopolitical.

However, despite Medvedchuk’s attempts to build “Russian peace” here, to stop the idea, the time of which has come, it is impossible to rephrase Stepan Andriiovych. In the matter of days, the first bell will be heard in educational institutions of Ukraine. This year’s first-graders will be taught already at the “New Ukrainian School”. Approach to children, the format of classes, educational material are changed. To do this, in April, the government distributed and transferred about 1 billion hryvnias to the regions. And we already have the first result: in Odesa, for example, 83% of the first-graders will be trained in Ukrainian-language schools. And this is 20% more than in the last year’s indicator. And here neither Medvedchuk nor Putin, and anyone can do nothing: Ukraine will bring up new Ukrainian youth, the future elite and ordinary citizens.

“It will take only a few tens of years and on the boulevards and streets of a beautiful city Odesa people will speak excellent Ukrainian language”. It is good that now it is not just words, but figures. “School statistics. And how important it is to preserve and strengthen Ukrainian statehood so that the miracle of Ukrainian Odesa was held”, the journalist Vitalii Portnikov says.Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через мурали колишнього шахтаря з Донбасу

After the speech of Poroshenko on the parade on Independence Day about the need to provide Tomos (independence) to the Ukrainian church, Russian popes were so annoyed, that patriarch Kyrylo visited the patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew on Friday. Officially, the reasons for the visit are not called, but they say that the independence of our church was the first point of the negotiations. The day before, the patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Irynei, warned Bartholomew of interfering in Ukrainian church matters. In his letter, Irynei convinces, that only the Russian Orthodox Church has a canonical and historic rights on the church organization in Ukraine.

On September 1-3, Ecumenical Patriarchate planed the Synaxis, the meeting of all the bishops of this Church. On the eve of Sinax, a regular meeting of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate will take place.

According to some religious analysts, the “Synod and Synapse” will also consider the “Ukrainian question”, the so-called question of Tomos – the provision of autocephaly to the Church in Ukraine. However, do not worry about it, as the head of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs does.

“Not even as a minister, but as a Christian, I think it’s good when the Russian church goes to talk to the mother-church. Returning to the true canon of the church ;)”, Pavlo Klimkin writes on Twitter.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через мурали колишнього шахтаря з Донбасу

The week turned out to be really geopolitical for Ukraine. But no words of “high” politicians are worth the main Ukrainian issue abroad: the detention of more than 70 our citizens in Russian prisons. Among them – Oleh Sentsov, starving more than 100 days. His condition is heavy, doctors give him a mixture of vitamins, but this is not a complete replacement of food – the body is gradually losing its strength. However, Oleh is not bringing down his principles and demands the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia.

And when Medvedchuk once again talks about reconciliation with Russia, remember that our hero – Oleh Sentsov, and their – Iosyp Kobzon. Hopefully, there is no need to explain the difference.

Text by Kostyantyn Rul

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