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Cinema autumn. What can we expect from Ukrainian cinema at the end of 2018?

A few years ago, we all groaned from the fact that there was no Ukrainian cinema, and there was nothing to watch, and everything was perishable and hopeless. Are you happy now? The Ukrainian film industry woke up and hit. Now it only remains to go, to watch, to write and to retell. And this, I must tell you, still needs to be done.

“The Secret Diary of Symon Petliura”

 The premiere is scheduled for September 6, 2018.

The director of the film is Oles Yanchuk.

Everything is clear here ‒ the historical drama about Symon Petliura, but, judging by the trailer, this film is about the idea of Ukraine’s independence even in those distant times.

The actors, who play in the film are fascinating and impressive. Here’s a magical, some kind of romantic Serhii Frolov in the main role, and Irma Vitovska plays his wife in this film. In addition, there is even the Minister of Culture of Ukraine – Yevhen Nishchuk in the film. Absolutely unexpected but Bohdan Benyuk plays Mykhaylo Hrushevsky himself, meanwhile I don’t see him in this role. I’ll go, watch, learn and tell you in more detail.

“When the trees fall”

The premiere is scheduled for September 13.


The director of the film is Marysya Nikityuk.

This’s a drama about the life of the Ukrainian province, but, perhaps, a beautiful drama, because the main characters are infinitely beautiful and even magnetic. There are three of my cinema favorites – Anastasiya Pustovit, Sonya Khalaimova and Maksym Samchyk. You, probably, shouldn’t take children and someone with anxious and tender feelings for the literary Ukrainian language to this film, because the characters speak the living language and have sex.

This is one of the most anticipated premiers for me. Apart from the swirling plot, and beautiful actors in the film, there will be a little girl Sonya Khalaimova, with whom I fell in love just from the first photo and from the first trailer.

“Hero of my time”

The premiere is scheduled for September 20.

The director of the film is Tonya Noyabryova.

A film that can be dismantled into quotes and memes. Yes, I already watched it and I laughed. Laughed because I recognized in the main character (Yevhen Bushmakin) people, who 10 years ago went out with bags to the platform of the Kyiv station together with me. So the story is similar to the city portrait, the story of our people, who come in, examine, and at some point they think, “now I’ll change everything”, but no, in the housing service office you will be asked to calm down and eat a bagel, the neighbors will say “take it yourself” and so on. And there are also art and love and in one episode the magic red curls of my friend. To make it all clear, I’ll go again to see this movie. And if you live in a beautiful world, in a house with a charming concierge, if you don’t look at the picturesque mountain of garbage around the corner, if you do not recognize Borshchahivka as Kyiv, do not go. There, they speak a little colloquial language too, they don’t raise high-brow topics, everything is ordinary there as if their director depicted it right from my window.

“Noble Bums”

The premiere is scheduled for September 27.

The director of the film is Oleksandr Berezan.

For a long time, I was waiting for a musical comedy in Lviv coloring. And here it comes. And not just a comedy, but a whole – Lviv musical comedy thriller. The story that one girl has a winning bracelet, well, everyone needs it, everyone is trying to buy it, take it away and all that, and in the process, everyone is beating, singing, dancing and it’s very funny, especially minihitler.

Although the story has already filled with scandal. It seemed to the most Lviv people that the story defamed Lviv, and everything should be depicted from historical accuracy, and not these various minihitlers and feeble-minded “reds” and all those things. In addition, they found out that the musical design was partially stolen from the Poles. But what it will be in the end, is not clear yet, after the scandals, the directors of the film had enough time to correct something.

“Mad Wedding”

The premiere is scheduled for October 4.

The film’s director is Vlad Dykyy.

Have you said there are no comedies? So here you have a whole season, filled to the brim with comedies about everything. “Mad wedding” is a comedy about the eternal and irrepressible Ukrainian coloring multiplied by cave racism and all that. The plot is sort of banal – the daughter brings from France a groom, the groom is handsome, but African American, the father has a cultural shock and he grabs a gun and yells that there will be no wedding. The plot would have been banal, but the film directly overfulfilled the plan for the stars. In the neighboring frames Monatik and Oleg Vinnyk. So, keep calm, young she-wolves. There, a gentle wind shakes his hair and the women faint.

“Callsign Banderas”

The premiere is scheduled for October 11.

The director of the film is Zaza Buadze.

And in the main role is incredibly charming Oleg Shulga. The film is about the war, about the current war. It is about DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic), people and the Russian military, about the traitors in our ranks. This is a detective action, and this is already fascinating. For a long time I wanted to see the Ukrainian detective story, and then there’s the action, and also the powerful Oleg Voloshchenko. But the actor, who plays the same Banderas, Oleg Shulga is himself a veteran of the ATO, and he probably coped without consultants, and for some reason, I believe that he will be true in this role. So, we waited for the Ukrainian detective, the new film about the current war, and the veteran of the ATO in the role.


The premiere is scheduled for October 18.

The director of the film is Serhii Loznytsya.

The producers define the genre of this movie as a drama, based on real events. The film is like a sketch of real stories on the other side of the front in the occupied Donbas. At the Cannes Film Festival, the film was presented on May 9, which I regard as a kind of Russia trolling. There, at that festival, the film received a prize for the best direction. At first the film was promised to be shown in Russia, and for “technical reasons” the cinema refused to show it. After the premiere at the Odesa Film Festival, the Ukrainian Oscar Committee nominated Donbas as a candidate for the American Academy Award Oscar in the category Best Foreign Language Film. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to understand whether the film is funny or sad because the reviews of those who saw it are different, but you should definitely watch it.

“DZIDZIO first time”

The premiere is scheduled for October 25.

Director ‒ the same DZIDZIO ‒ is Mykhailo Khoma.

It’s hard to figure out what kind of film it would be, because the plot is twisted around some problem, and it’s hard to understand from the teaser whether the main character has a problem with nipples or with the girls, but the problem is a kind of intimate character or something like that. But this is a comedy too. And judging by the success of the movie “DZIDZIO Contrabass”, Mykhailo Khoma can make comedy films and there should be something funny. There’s no need looking for some extremely intelligent humor, but nevertheless, you should watch this film. I’ll watch it too, because it’s interesting what kind of problem that poor guy has ‒ with nipples, or something else.

“The Wild Fields”

The premiere is scheduled for November 8.

The film’s director is Yaroslav Lodygin.

This film has a lot of interesting stuff because it is kind of a based on the book “Voroshilovgrad” by Serhii Zhadan, but both Zhadan and Yaroslav Lodygin insist that the events are based on the book, but the stories themselves are clearly delineated. As I understand, this is such a gangster saga in the steppes of Donetsk. The action takes place in 2010, well, everything is twisted ‒ family business, bandits, disassembly, sex, love and even some sense of apocalypse, but such a beautiful apocalypse, sometimes even ridiculous, in bright colors with living heroes. Personally, the film is expected, because, firstly, it is Zhadan, albeit “based on”, and secondly, it is very interesting for me to look at the bandit saga with Ukrainian coloring.

And again, I warn, vulnerable, tender, pregnant and those, who believe that there are exclusively polite people everywhere, who do not curse and do not kill, should not watch this film.

“King Danylo”

The premiere is scheduled for November 22.

The director of the film is Taras Khymych.

The whole film is very interesting for the film industry already for the fact that it was filmed somehow separately from this industry. Taras Khymych is the director, the operator, and the screenwriter of this film. The genre is a thriller, but apparently, the historical thriller with historical figures and facts involved in it. It’s not a secret that most of the Ukrainian films are shot entirely, or partially at the expense of the DerzhKino, but on the page of this film, it’s mentioned that the budget of the film ‒ 4 million hryvnia ‒ is crowdfunding. And this is also a precedent in the film industry. Therefore, I support this film, I don’t dare to evaluate it somehow now, but I think that this film, if successful, can become an example for young and talented filmmakers.

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