Recently, social media was outraged by the interview of Vladimir Putin’s friend Victor Medvedchuk for The Independent that is owned by one of the Russian oligarchs. In his conversation, the leader of the “Ukrainian Choice” described Yulia Tymoshenko as a “purposeful” and “well-prepared” candidate for the Ukrainian presidency. At the same time, Medvedchuk denied the existence of political relations between him and Tymoshenko. What network people think about this – in reactions from Opinion.

Mr. Medvedchuk spoke about Mrs. Tymoshenko, so let’s see what people are saying about this in the social media. For example, political expert Olexiy Minakov quite concisely named all this as another proof of “marriage of convenience” between Tymoshenko and Medvedchuk. I wonder who has blessed this marriage?

Instead, Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya, a political expert, believes that the range of possible actions is considerably greater than we can seem. Indeed, there are so many options, to do a braid, undo braid, get out, go away, also to call somebody’s “friend”.

Volodymyr Ariev, the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the PACE, confined himself to a restrained, but rather apt, comment: the Russian bet is not so camouflaged. And it seemed to me that far from the first Russian bet fled somewhere to Rostov, and the other sub-bets ran away somewhere. Well, at least now everything is visible.

Advisor to the president of Ukraine and assistant defense minister Yuriy Biryukov tried to comment on the words of Medvedchuk from two different perspectives. The first one – traditional for betrayal lovers and admirers. According to it, Poroshenko, attention, has a “fixed match” with Putin, and that’s why a friend of the Russian president returns to Ukrainian politics. Actually, the whole betrayal is breaking down when Medvedchuk supports Timoshenko, who, by secret, is not an ally for the incumbent president. Unexpectedly, right? Well, at least the vast majority of experts are now forced to sit at the school desk. And the second, the real variant, is much easier: Putin’s friend simply advertises Putin’s girlfriend. How do you like it, Elon Musk?

Yuriy Lukanov, the journalist, and civic activist emphasized that Medvedchuk simply repeats all the theses of Russian propaganda, and says it is as if Ukraine is vassal of Russia and must obey all its instructions. He doesn’t repeat but just believes that everyone will listen to him with their mouth opened. Well, what can you say, the person is a little bit behind modern realities. His conscience keeps him somewhere in times of the Stus trial. What are they saying? I can’t remember this, but the meaning is that you can’t mock some people. However what kind of people, I can’t remember.

Here, by the way, the journalist Oleh Manchura formed the version of my favorite betrayal lovers even shorter: toxic Medvedchuk is doing all this stuff at the request of the notorious Poroshenko to drown Saint Tymoshenko. Oh, that’s just fine. In fact, the journalist has stated: all projects of Medvedchuk go down the drain. And She, who works or works part-time, will also get there.

“Thank you for a hint, but no”, this is an example of an adequate response to such attack statements by Mr. Medvedchuk by a journalist Serhii Nikitenko. Because our “hero” can do his attacks as long as he wants, to that extent that who knows what will be the next words his friend whispers to him.

And here is a brief example of how it’s possible to take carefully Mrs. Yulia out of all this, let’s say – discussion. They say that she’s already poor-thing, she was beaten and harassed, and taken out, and in general they are antipodes with Medvedchuk. Eh. If only there weren’t good old acquaintances, more precisely, the one, and not so good, but small, a meter and something, then it would be true. And , really, why are we treating so badly this poor woman?

You still don’t understand what’s going on? Here’s the blogger Oleg Petrichenko, it seems that he tried to explain everything to us. So, according to him, Moscow understands that in Ukraine there are very high anti-ratings for all candidates, so anyone can get to the second tour. But who needs any kind of Boiko? Therefore, the bet is made on Tymoshenko. But, come on, this doesn’t mean that Mrs. Yulia is the Kremlin agent. According to the author of the post, Tymoshenko will be much more loyal to the Kremlin’s policy than Poroshenko. Actually, everything points out the same thing: the activation of the “Russian world”, as Petrichenko says.

Yurii Radukhin, a blogger, and PR consultant is convinced that Medvedchuk, seems to have hinted Tymoshenko: don’t worry, Putin will support you in the upcoming elections. Well, what behaviour! Couldn’t he somehow, whisper, but not say that? No, you need to do it between the words, somehow obscure. Aha. You just need to train.

Journalist Sergij Tikhy hinted quite transparently that in realit,y such support for Tymoshenko is unlikely to be useful. Moreover, it is unlikely that Mrs. Yulia herself wants such support. What’s left? It seems just to thank Medvedchuk. So what, should we wait now for an interview with her? And who will change the course, who will work?

Roman Shevchenko, ex-assistant to the head of the State Border Guard Service, believes that by his behavior Medvedchuk seeks to turn Ukrainian elections into a circus and surrealism, which won’t be recognized by the world community. The recipe is only one here – to completely ignore his master. Another thing is that Putin’s friend freely walks Ukrainian soil and openly strikes our state. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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