Recently the President of Ukraine was photographed during one of the regular flights to Kiev. On the photo, Petro Poroshenko personally was putting things on the shelves. According to the eyewitnesses, the president was smiling to all the passengers and surprised them with his simplicity. How “random” is this picture, should decide armchair experts and analysts, but what else is written about this on the web – in reactions from Opinion.

The message with the picture of Poroshenko and his suitcases was published by the user Kateryna Kozoriz. One question – how the post by a normal user spread through the Ukrainian Facebook. However, from the other side, the profile of a girl is more than real, the first posts were published several years ago, and the comments under them were left by the real people. So the army of “Betrayal” need to work hard. Or, of course, I’m a little bit behind the reality and take everything at its face value. Well, you know, these journalists – you can’t trust them.

The approximate polarity of opinions regarding this photo, I think, is understood by everyone. Here the blogger Boris Nemirovski quite logically demonstrated four typical routes of betrayal connoisseurs. It’s like when he flies on the presidential – he squanders people’s money, the ordinary one – humiliates the country, not flying or has suddenly died – ignoring his work and making PR out of compassion. It’s so simple, and we’re guessing what, where and how.

But another blogger, Miroslav Oleshko noted that previously this could only be seen from the Western leaders, and during the EuroMaidan it surprised the Ukrainians why they can and ours – no. Now, Oleshko says that ours can because Poroshenko – is a true Western leader in Europe. Well, Mr. Miroslav, maybe you should put some poison in your ointment, at least a few times a week. Because you’ll become “Poroshenko-bot” till your last days, even if you don’t give away all your likes.

Political consultant and former MP Viktor Ukolov decided to tease Oleshko a little. He noted that, if there was Myroslav on the board there would be another cool selfie. For those who don’t get it, it is thick and a direct reference to a number selfies made by a blogger with the leaders of the country on Independence Day. Ukolov emphasizes that something is changing at least. I don’t remember that Mr. Yanukovich flew by regular flights. And yet I don’t remember that he was gladly invited somewhere else than Russia. But this is it.

Nevertheless, to understand who is more right – the critics of this photo or its supporters – is not so simple, because it is difficult to understand how unexpected it was for the president. Another thing is that it is unlikely that the President came on board just for images, so he really flew by a regular flight. So, the philosopher and culturologist Olexiy Panych is sure that betrayal and “cheap PR” shouldn’t be looked for because this is a quite normal practice that is done for example by European leaders. It’s okay, you just have to get used to it and don’t make any victories or betrayals out of it. Hmm, but how can we call people of such views? It’s not victory and betrayal lovers… I just wanted to offer the option of “sober-minded”.

In fact, speaking about the entire story. The President hasn’t just decided to fly there and back. Poroshenko flew to the US to the farewell to McCain. According to journalist Mykhailo Tkach, this step is important and humane. But the emphasis on the fact that the plane was the ordinary one, spoils everything. Oh, and then just follow the scenario – what about the Maldives, security and all that kind of stuff.

Well, here from the same field a few claims for some cool sarcasm and the irony that in fact (of course only in my humble opinion) looks a little sluggish. Like, at the same time, Poroshenko was on a train to Zhmerynka and had time to visit Zaporizhia. In short, tell the author that soon is the new season of “Open microphone”.

And for those who don’t get tired to say that somehow it’s “too small” and political analyst Yuriy Romanenko cited the “bigger” example. Here’s an example of a nice person, this President of another country could even take care of horses. That’s the leader, he will keep you safe.

Blogger Yaroslav Matyushyn turned to “Opposition”, which attacked the photo with the President. Well, he just told about it to his readers. It’s like, he loves the opposition for its selectivity, when any good deed of the President or the new victory of authorities is perceived as a plus on the electoral scales of Poroshenko, while failure is maximized to unbelievable extent. Because of this, according to them, the President on the plane is, without a doubt, PR. Well, they could make everything even worse. Because the main thing – is to stop on time.

The journalist Yuriy Lukanov expressed a little reflection on the issue of photos. He says, it really is a PR, albeit disguised as a random photo. But, come on, when we look at the same pictures of European leaders (sometimes, not made with the phone, but with a professional camera, isn’t that a PR? Moreover, if the picture isn’t seen in the network, then the guard of betrayal-lovers could write that Poroshenko flew to the US for public funds and spent millions of public money, so on and so forth. And one picture just BANG and solved all the issues. It is clear that everybody will talk about PR. But, as they like to say in the social media, it is the lesser evil. Those are reflections, my darlings.

Alexey Petrov, ATO veteran, blogger, and writer, made a maximum list of questions from the field of betrayal. This also is a color of the plane and skipping the work, and dining in the United States, and many other things that traditionally fascinate a considerable part of the experts.

The funny thing is that at the same moment the posts of MP and former journalist Serhiy Leshchenko remain without attention. Who apparently also managed to spend a considerable amount of money. Frankly speaking I don’t like digging in the dirt. But excuse me Serhiy, they’ve got you. Don’t offend so much, especially in such a cool manner. Because suddenly you’re also making a PR. They’re still talking about an apartment, but, God forbid them to recall it again.

And at the end a little joke by the blogger Anton Hodza. There, the President has bought noodles or something. And, in fact, speaking about the flight. Well, can people just make a joke, and not to expand everything to an unprecedented scale, right? That’s all folks. Take care of your information space and remember: everything should be treated critically. Even if it was a PR, just think why they’ve decided to do this, and what would happen if they haven’t. One more thing, just between us, I like to write about these lite topics more than anything else. But in our country, there are more important things. So please discuss the essential things, and I’ll collect it and joke minimally. See you!

Reactions and Poroshenko photos were collected by Stepan “Poroshenko-bot” the Goat

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