Wednesday, 21 October

In Ukraine today is a Day of Remembrance – 100 years since the beginning of the “Red Terror”. On this day, communists, who came to power, officially began a repressive policy that took lives to more than a half million people, UNIAN reports.

The decree on red terror was aimed at combating “counterrevolutionaries.” In practice, he was used for speculation and crimes against so-called “class enemies” who were thrown into concentration camps and killed. Under the pretext of fighting the White Guards in 1918-1919. They were killed and tortured to over one and a half million people.

In Ukraine, the “Red terror” began with the Bolshevik occupation after the legendary battle at Kruty and, as a consequence, the invasion of Muravev’s divisions in Kyiv in January 1918. Arriving in Kyiv, the “Red Army” staged massacres in the city, which marked the beginning of one of the most tragic pages in the history of Ukraine – with terror, repression, deportations and other forms of repression, continued in various forms until 1991.

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