Among the members of the Slovenian paramilitaristic group “Štajerska Varda” are people with experience in combat operations in different parts of the world, in particular in Ukraine. This was stated by the formation leader, former candidate for the presidency of Slovenia, Andrii Shishko, reports RTVslo.

Recently, ultra-rightists, who call themselves the “Štajerska Varda”, have placed staff in a social network in an unspecified place, which has caused concern to the public and law-enforcers.
Shishko told reporters that members of the group have been studying for more than a year. According to him, former military forces of Slovenia, as well as people with combat experience, are among the participants of the organization. Shishko said that among members of the “Štajerska Varda” there are those who participated in armed conflicts around the world – “from Afghanistan to Ukraine”.

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