The occupation authorities of the Crimea, in spite of obvious signs of an ecological catastrophe in Armyansk, are in no hurry to announce an emergency situation on the peninsula. For the purpose of documenting the facts of human rights violations, information about the situation has been transferred to international organizations: the UN, OSCE, WHO, the Red Cross, writes Ukrinform.

“The concentration of sulfurous anhydride in the air (in the north of Crimea – ed.) Exceeded the norm, however, as far as this norm is exceeded, no data are available”. The occupation authorities, represented by Sergei  Aksenov (the so-called head of the Crimea, ed.), Titan “is stopped for two weeks, as well as the fact that unplanned vacations are announced in the schools of the region and the children will be sent to the sanatorium. It is worrying that the state of emergency has not yet been declared, and the adult population is not being evacuated, but the invaders continue to ‘reassure’ people,” wrote Commissioner for the rights of the residents of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol Ismail Khalikov.

According to him, there is a shortage of medical preparations and gauze bandages in the drugstores of Armyansk and Krasnoperekopsk.

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