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In Volhynia, the priest of the UOC-MP (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate) refused to give the last rites to a nine-year-old Roma girl who died of cancer. The reasoning completely repeats the situation that occurred in January of the same year – the child was baptized in the church of the Kyivan Patriarchate. About how the network responded to such a decision made by Moscow Patriarchate representatives – in the reactions from Opinion.

However, the refusal of the Moscow Patriarchate’s representatives to give the last rites to a child baptized in the church of the UOC-KP, this time did not have the same resonance. The news was reported by the Volyn mass media, afterward, it was reposted by the all-Ukrainian portals. However, network users still found something to say about this. The first spokesman for the Volynhian Eparchy of the UOC-MP, Oleh Tochynskyi, will be the first in our small, review. He stressed that the church is not a utility for which every citizen comes and requests the provision of services. He stressed that he considers it absolutely healthy and normal practice when people who are baptized in other confessions, in the event of death, complete their spiritual life in the same place, where it started. To cut it short, completely the same post as in January, only this time they’ve mentioned about the legislation.

The head of the Volyn Regional State Administration Oleksandr Savchenko stressed that the church should be the nursery of humanity. Savchenko promised to meet with senior officials and discuss the situation; he stressed that he doesn’t understand such things and has no right to forgive this. It’s like, if any rituals are not aimed at humanity, then they should be removed from Ukraine. Savchenko has also added that this is another evidence that tomos is a vital thing. After all, the institutions, even those that are not state-owned, but which affect the minds and souls of citizens, shouldn’t exist on the territory of the state if they don’t follow the Christian morality. Here is the reply for you, Mr. spokesperson of the non-utility services.

The opinion of Savchenko was supported by a journalist Anastasia Kachyna; she recalled that the deceased girl was ill with cancer and suffered a lot.

Here, the press secretary of the head of the Volyn Regional State Administration Katya Pavlova has confirmed that the situation is difficult, but it remains unclear why is the poor girl, who spent half of her life fighting cancer and died a merciless death, affected by this.

The blogger and journalist Olena Dobrovolska, in her turn, stressed that such cases are only the beginning, and therefore we must be prepared to any kind of manipulation and villainy by Moscow Patriarchate that’s losing its influence. Dobrovolska also added a very interesting thought: there is no church with so many atheist supporters as the Kyivan Patriarchate has.

Also, they say, that there is one plan. The blogger Yuriy Gudymenko said that one nun of the UOC-MP stated that the Moscow clergymen would leave the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra only in coffins. Well, if they feel more cozy and comfortable there, then is there anyone who has the right to prevent them from this?

However, another blogger, Larysa Vakulnytska, noted that the church does not refuse to give the last rites to, for example, Catholics; the Russian Orthodox Church, recently, even adopted a decree to hold the funeral services for unbaptized children. But what to do if, according to the author of the post, “KGB branch had surpassed even its head office”.

Oleksandr Shvets, journalist and the editor in chief of the “Fakty i Comentari” (Facts and Commentaries) newspaper, reminded that the leadership of the priest who refused to bid farewell to the girl stood up for him and even tried to find some words of justification of his actions. According to Shvets, it rather resembles some kind of hypocrisy.

Journalist and blogger Olena Yakhno in her turn concluded that a long time ago we all have understood that such concepts as humanity and compassion are not even close to the Moscow Patriarchate. However, this doesn’t prevent its representatives from breaking through the bottom. Again. And again. As if they’re specifically provoking us. But it’s Ok, my friends, those desired five letters, that form together the word “tomos”, are extremely close to us.

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