Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

The young Indian summer, which lasts from August 28, begins to retreat on the face of more important synoptic personalities. The transition to autumn meteorological manifestations is accompanied by a reorganization of atmospheric processes ‒ the wind’s increasing, it’s raining, cloud cover is getting more dense with night and morning fogs and haze.

The Eastern anticyclone, as long as it could, held the sun and heat for a long time.

However, the cyclone from the south violated its dictate and already on September, 6 in the southern part of Ukraine, at the whole right bank, there will be rains and thunderstorms, as the evidence of the recent summer.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


In some areas, rains will turn into showers with squalls.

A dry air mass will hold in the east.

Heat will finally leave Ukraine. During the day, the air temperature will be +21 +26 degrees, in the south and east +24 +29 degrees.

By the end of the week, the air temperature will have fluctuated within comfortable limits, +21 +28 degrees.

Rains are most likely near the southern part and in the central regions. The damp cloudiness will stretch to the Kyiv region. Precipitation will also take place in the Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Transcarpathian regions.

The northern part will enjoy dry weather, only in some places light rain is possible.

The gusts of the eastern wind will reach 15-20 meters per second in the eastern regions in the period from September 6 to 9.

The first half of the next week will be noted in Ukraine with a moderate, comfortable air temperature and unstable atmospheric processes.

Against the background of mostly dry weather, damp cells will periodically appear, in some places there may be small and moderate rains, possibly with thunderstorms.

The air temperature during the day will fluctuate within +20 +27 degrees, in the Carpathians ‒ +14 +18 degrees.

In the night hours, it is supposed +12 +17 degrees, in the mountains +8 +12 degrees.

The weather on September 12 in most regions of Ukraine will be dry and warm. On September 13 we will receive a moist atmospheric front from the regions of Poland, which will bring rain to the west and north of Ukraine.

In Kyiv, before the end of the week and the first half of next week, the air temperature is expected to be smooth, maximum +22 +26 degrees. At night, the thermometer bars will range from +12 to +16 degrees.

A dry air mass will prevail in the capital in the near future, significant precipitation is unlikely. On September 8 and 11, a light rain is possible in some areas.

Autumn in Ukraine comfortably sits on its throne, with fogs, gusty wind and a gradual decrease in air temperature. It is worth noting that during this period, frosts are possible, however, these early signs are not expected yet.

Therefore, enjoy the warm beautiful weather, until the grey clouds come, until the November rains did not hide the sun.

September is a wonderful time for work, rest, gathering mushrooms, admiring asters and dahlias, repairing roofs, walking in fresh, not hot air and joyful school noise.

Natalka Didenko

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