Wednesday, 19 February

By the end of next year in Ukraine, there will be around 67 wind power turbines with a total capacity of 250 MW. The relevant agreement was signed with the Norwegian company NBT. It is reported that an investment of nearly 450 million will create new job places, provide tax revenues to the budget, and most importantly, it will cover more than a third of the Kherson region needs. More details – in reactions from Opinion.

According to the president of Ukraine, the wind turbines of the Norwegian company NBT are planned to be located literally a few kilometers from the Crimea occupied by Russia. Therefore, the Norwegian investment in an object located so close to the administrative border with the temporarily occupied territory is the evidence that the peninsula will be liberated, because Crimea is Ukraine. And it’s beter not to forget about it.

Some details about this news were revealed on the page “Ukraina siogodni”(Ukraine today). According to the message, the Foreign Minister of Norway assured that her country will continue to support Ukraine. “We work together and support a wide range of reforms that you carry out,” said Ine Eriksen Søreide, noting the growing interest of Norwegian companies in active investing in Ukraine.

On the page of the Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv, they’ve stressed that the meeting with the Ukrainian president confirmed solid Norwegian support to Ukraine and the expectation for the further reforms. Actually, the Norwegian interaction with renewable energy sources and other spheres was a key topic during the breakfast with Norwegian businessmen and Ukrainian politicians.

Political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya noted that the number of investments in Ukraine is increasing, even though the Russian-Ukrainian war is still ongoing. Furthermore, the amount of money, which is planned to invest in this project is quite demonstrative – 430 million dollars.

Taras Shamayda, political consultant and co-coordinator of the “Prostir svobody” (Freedom space) movement, instead tried to hint the betrayal lovers that they would hardly be able to add this news to their assets. Just count: 400 million dollars of victory, 64 turbines with a total capacity of 250 MW, production of 900 million kWh per year, that actually means covering one-third of the Kherson region needs in electricity. No gas, coal or nuclear fuel is needed. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, more precisely, investment cookie. Let’s grab some victory and no school today?

However the journalist Valentyna Samar is convinced that in general, this market in the Kherson region is already “crumbling” because almost everyone has used the most expensive green tariff of one of the poorest countries in Europe. The joy of a journalist, according to her words, is not only blighted because of the high cost of clean energy for Ukraine but because of the fact that the inhabitants of the Kherson region won’t get a lot of use of this additional local generation. It “merges” in the network that is running by Moscow. And those networks are like a “rotten rope”, especially on the border with the Crimea. These statements we also have, my bunnies.

For the sake of justice, I would add that the MP Serhiy Leshchenko, reported about ambitions of the Norwegian company, in the middle of March this year. Then he had met with the company’s representatives and even managed to take a photo with them. Just wondering whether this photo is to decorate the text, or the text, is just the excuse to boast with the picture? Nevermind, what’s the difference? It was a long time ago. Just reflections.

And, I’ve almost forgotten! For those who really want to set off the betrayal, but don’t understand how to do it, there is a wonderful instruction by Mr. Mykhailo: just emphasize the cruelty to… the hamsters, whose land was sold by the trecherous government for some miserable hundreds of millions of dollars. A wonderful trolling, my hat’s off and my hadns are clapping to you. And after finishing that I immediately rush into the weekend, and I wish you to do the same. See you, boys and girls, don’t forget to keep safe your information space!

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