Today, September 7, an operational meeting is convened to evacuate children from those regions of the Kherson region, which are in close proximity to the “Crimea Titanium” plant. This was announced by the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andriy Gordeyev, reports UNIAN

“At 10:00 there will be a decision of our commission. There is no issue of evacuation, there are questions of health improvement and disease prevention for our children. The last night, a decision was made to allow our children, which are located in a possible contamination zone, to move to recreation facilities for continuing their health improvement. It also considers pregnant women, we take care of their condition in our medical institutions, moreover, we have to provide assistance to Crimean citizens who suffer from an environmental disaster, we are ready to provide medical rehabilitation and rehab,” he said.

Servicemen and police officers are serving on the administrative border in respirators. It is noted that American protective equipment is multi-layered and has the ability to regulate the level of protection. On the night of August 24 in the north of Crimea, there was an emission of poisonous chemicals from the acid-burner plant “Crimea Titanium”.

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