What do men want

Men don’t like this. In critical discussions of modern fashion, avant-garde hairstyles, complex silhouettes, this argument can be heard quite often. And in the opinion of those who operate with this argument, it is an absolute deadly force! After that – all the dresses should be put to the trash bean, the haircut should be shaved off, and the stylist should be shot. After all, you understand why do they make such hairstyles and outfits that men do not like? 

But, in my opinion, this argument is deadly for other reasons, it is so stupid that it just kills. With the same success, you can say: the Martians do not like this. Or reptiloids. “What kind of reptiloids?” you may ask. But, actually, what kind of men?

The thesis that all males are the same has no use, maybe except that beaten anecdotes. In real life, men are different, and any generalizations such as “no man will like such a woman” are a complete nonsens, because different men like completely different women. And different women’s dresses too. One likes aggressively sexual images, short skirts, deep cleavage, boots with high heels. The other is irritated with such frankness, even frightened a little; he likes girls like “his friend” – in ordinary jeans and comfortable sneakers. And the third one adores “smart” girls with their glasses, smooth hairdos and snow-white shirts.

Чого хочуть чоловіки

But so many men, in general, couldn’t answer clearly how women should dress up so that they like it. They do not think about it. And this is another side of the issue. Most men do not pay attention to clothing, like women. They don’t care about fashion and don’t understand trends. Of course, there are exceptions, and there are real experts among men, who can lecture of a modern style. But in general, for men, clothing is not a subject of increased attention and is not a means of self-expression. Men often choose for themselves a style of “Three C’s” – Convenient. Common. Clear.

If we are talking about the male point of view towards our clothing, then the same rules of “Three C’s” are applied here, except for the first. Of course the convenience of women dresses, men cannot appreciate, and it is not very interesting for them. But the “common” and “clear”, perhaps, are the most important male requirements for women’s clothing, although not all men are able to express it. Precisely because men don’t take too much interest in clothing, mass men’s fashion is incredibly conservative, develops very slowly and doesn’t provide for revolutionary changes and extravagant details. Women’s fashion is changing like a kaleidoscope, offers a lot of courageous combinations and bright innovations at the same time, and men cannot and do not want to follow all this.

Everything new remains incomprehensible to the general public for some time. It takes time to understand, to appreciate the innovation, to think about it. And why should a man think about what is not very interesting to him? Therefore, everything new, complex and incomprehensible in the female fashion can indeed cause difficulties with digestion of certain men. However, a simple and familiar outfit, like a teapot, boring and predictable, as a lecture by the head teacher at a teacher’s board, all these “classics is always in fashion” won’t scare men at all. With this, it’s much easier, there’s no need to think, they’ve seen this many times already, everything is clear.

And therefore, if women listened to the majority of men and their tastes, if they were afraid to shock them with something new, they would still walk in skins, girding them with willow branches, and nothing more perfect and advanced would have appeared in the women’s wardrobe.

Чого хочуть чоловіки

Do men have to change something in their attitude, to be interested in women’s fashion more, to be open to new ideas? Of course not. Everyone has the full right not to be interested in what is uninteresting to him or her. But at the same time, do women have to take into account male tastes and try to please them with their attire? In the overwhelming majority of cases, the answer is also no.

And here we come to the main thing. The idea that every woman, every day, in any weather, is overwhelmed with the sole purpose of pleasing men is just as false as the idea that all men might like the same dress. Consider that in women’s clothing there cannot be any other tasks than to attract men’s attention and seduce men – this is such a loud echo of the patriarchy that ears are buzzing. Hey, dear! If you have not noticed, it’s already the 21st century, and for a long time women have been educated the same way, they also work and provide themselves, like men. For decades, appearance is not the only asset of a woman, thanks to which she can have some benefit. Many women earn a living due to their mental abilities, managing skills and other talents that have nothing to do with the sex and charms of the body. And it is completely incomprehensible why all these women still should feel like a commodity on the shelf and every day dress up in such a way as to please some hypothetical “customers”.

Women in the modern world can dress simply and functionally if laconicism and convenience are their top priorities. They can dress complicated, create stunning messages, bright combinations of colors – if clothing for them is a means of self-expression. They can be dressed in strict classics if required by the position and features of the work. They can be dressed informally and even a little crazy, if they want it. And they can dress so as to please a certain type of men if that’s the mood today. Or to please one particular person, if there is such a goal.

But before telling an unfamiliar woman, that she’s dressed the way “men don’t like”, ask yourself: why have you decided that she paid any attention to it at all? In our time, every woman can choose, whom she wants to like her, and by whom she does not.

Чого хочуть чоловіки

And if men want all women to dress the way they like, then turn them hundred and fifty years ago. Such a patched-up patriarchy is no longer expected in the immediate historical perspective on our shores. And if a man wants a certain woman to dress the way he likes, then he must gain such a privilege somehow.

Maya Tulchynska

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