The world’s largest cargo aircraft An-225 “Mriya” flew from the Gostomel Airport in Ukraine to Oakland in one flight, writes Ukrinform.

“Today, the crew of the Ukrainian aircraft Antonov An-225” Mriya “performed a continuous flight from Gostomel on the Pacific coast of the USA to the Auckland International Airport for a duration of 13 hours at the distance of 9800 km”, wrote Trubnikov.

Recall that on account “Mriya” more than 200 records, recorded by the International Aviation Federation and the Guinness Book of Records. In particular, in 2001, the giant broke an absolute cargo record, raising 253.8 tons of cargo to a height of 10,700 meters. The aircraft was created by the Antonov design bureau in 1988 and belongs to the category of heavy duty airplanes. The mass of an empty vessel is 250 tons, length – 84 meters, height – 18.1 meters, wing width – 88.4 meters. Each of the main racks of the chassis has seven pairs of wheels.

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