Recently, the network was shocked by the news about the detention of the ATO participant and blogger Valeriy Ananyev by law enforcers. The police explained: the veteran has been suspected of intentional infliction of injuries of medium gravity. However, today Ananyev has been released on bail of one of the MPs. About how everything had happened and what was the reaction of the social media – in review from Opinion.

Everything had begun from an unexpected message from Valeriy Ananyev: a blogger wrote that he was sitting handcuffed in the police car. By the way, the ATO veteran was arrested just before the presentation of his new book.

Later, the blogger said that, according to the police, he allegedly was hiding from the investigation. Ananiev added that the case according to which he was detained, there was a bunch of violations on the part of the investigation, and in the charge itself there were a lot of lies, which should be proven in court. Valeriy also promised not to drug the police through the mud, as the detention process was as loyal as possible. And it’s not surprising: while the blogger was detained on the first floor of the library, two floors further there were about 200 people waiting for the presentation, and they could react in many different ways if they noticed how people in uniform were detaining a veteran.

The responses to this news were quite different. For example, a social activist and former head of the Odesa branch of the “Right sector” Serhiy Sternenko said that while the law-enforcers were detaining the veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the person who had attacked Sternenko was provided with a state protection.

The blogger Roman Kulyk, in his turn, reminded that the case for which Ananiev was detained had been opened as early as December 2016, while the blogger was wanted since April 2018. Hence, there is a logical question: why the ATO veteran was not detained before, although he openly visited the airs, went on tour with a new book and wasn’t escaping from the law-enforcers. Kulyk is convinced that this was made not to show off. Simply it was a demonstration of the laziness of law enforcement agencies who just forgot this case, but, after seeing the announcement of the presentation, they decided to seize the opportunity. Kulyk also commented on the incident, for which Valeriy was detained. According to the blogger, it is unlikely that the veteran just “smashed the face“ of the victim for a simple remark. However, there is too few information on the case.

According to the activist of EuroMaidan Oleksandr Kravchuk, such a detention is a significant event, but it’s not the first and not the last one. The old system of law enforcement starts to recover after 2014. However, Kravchuk added that there are decent officers in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, it is difficult to understand how they exist in this system.

Instead, the journalist and chief editor of the Internet portal “Censor.Net” Yuriy Butusov published Valeriy’s commentary on the detention. According to the text, Ananyev acknowledges that he was wrong because indeed he punched the victim in 2016. Back then the blogger offered to compensate for the damage, but the family of the victim didn’t agree. After closing the case in 2017, it was reopened in 2018,  this time, qualifying bodily injuries not as light but as moderate. Ananyev stressed that he had not received any reports regarding the restoration of the investigation and the preliminary trial.

Yuriy Butusov noted that Valeriy actually acknowledges the fact of the law breach and, at the same time, can do everything possible to correct it. The journalist expressed the hope that the fair amount of compensation for the injured family will finally be determined, and sincere apologies for the victim and his relatives will be made. Butusov stressed: in this case, respect must be paid to both sides.

However, the founder of the project “Come back alive” Vitaliy Deynega made a forecast about the possible scenario of upcoming events that will happen to the ATO veteran. So Valeriy should have been sent behind the bars, where he would write a new book that would become a national bestseller. Then the supporters would break the door and release the blogger. The last stage is an inauguration. It’s ridiculous and ironic, but the predictions of Deinega, as we already know, have failed.

Lyuba Shipovich, on the other hand, turned to the very moment and format of the detention. It’s like, you can be a public figure, go on air, speak at conferences, write and present books, and not even suspect that you are wanted by the police. Well, it turns out, you can. At least so it worked out this time.

However, when news about Ananiev’s detention spread around the network, civic activists and organizations, in particular C14, have been supporting the ATO veteran. According to Serhiy Mazur, several dozen people came to protect the blogger.

He hadn’t wait for a long time, Valeriy was released today on the bail of an MP. Yevhen Karas leader of С14 was one of the first to report on this.

Andriy Denysenko, the MP, who decided to take the veteran on bail, stressed that there was no “betrayal” in the actions of the police. He stressed the absolutely legal, correct and friendly work of the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, thanks to which, in fact, he managed to liberate Valeriy.

Commenting on the situation the adviser to the Interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak, stressed that equality before the law is an axiom. According to him, Ananyev acknowledged his guilt and was ready for any further procedural actions. Therefore, in the opinion of Shkiryak, there were no grounds to keep Valeriyin custody,. The police, while arresting the blogger, executed the court decision and could not act the other way. However, Avakov’s adviser repeated once again: you have to answer for the law breach.

As Valeriy himself explained, according to the spokesman of the Dnipro police, he allegedly ignored court hearings, although in reality he was not even informed about this. The same story is about the lawyer, who allegedly collaborated with the investigation: he just doesn’t exist. However, the problem was solved quite quickly. According to the ATO veteran, everything happened due to the slack work of the investigation. Valeriy also added that he had no claims against police officers because they simply complied with the court order and behaved adequately.

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