Well, everyone’s feed at least once received a report about the terrible Hasids who raped a 15-year-old girl in Uman? So, as always, we’ve been dealing with a regular fake in its classical form. More details on what had happened – in reactions from Opinion.

“In Uman, the Hassids raped an underage girl,” the title of this “material” on the infamous portal spread over many web-pages and profiles, gathered a lot of outrageous reactions and even more harsh comments. However, wait a second! Why do you think that it was necessary to distribute it and, moreover, believe in it? Let’s look at what we have: a dubious resource that has never demonstrated true journalistic standards, lack of information sources and official comments (except for some alleged sources from the local police) and no precision. Of course, it would be possible to add that this is the complete misunderstanding of the traditions and rules of the Hasids, but it seems to me that what’s present here will be enough to doubt.

However, the refuting of fake information began rather quickly. The official website of the Cherkasy region’s Police said that the information given at the information resource was not true, as no reports of the rape of an underage girl were received by the police. Even more, the police advised journalists to check the information more thoroughly, in order not to question their reputation. Ha-ha-ha, for sure, that’s how it will be. Everyone as one will start checking information, what are you talking about?

The fact that the information is fake, was also emphasized by the adviser of the Interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak. In his opinion, this attack-ad was organized by internal anti-state destructive forces, commissioned by the Russian intelligence services. According to Shkiryak, the purpose of such actions is quite obvious – to sow anti-Semitic sentiments and to cause discord between Ukraine and Israel.

Borislav Bereza, the MP and the former spokesman of the Right Sector, supported the point of view of Avacov’s adviser, emphasizing that all who distribute this fake information plays in favor of Kremlin because the instruments of the hybrid war are diverse, the enemy uses everything in the interests of their own interests.

Moreover, as Bereza adds, this attack not only targeted Hasids, but also the whole of Ukraine, because Moscow is planning to weaken us through internal and external conflicts. According to the prognosis of popular election, the Russians will continue to try fueling new national, religious, linguistic and other conflicts, and worst of all – is when they’re helped by ordinary citizens, and even by our politicians.

However the blogger Vadym Fulmakht tried to disassemble the materials of the same notorious portal a little bit more detailed. For example, when the police officially denied the fake, the site has reported this through the word “allegedly”. They said that the police emphasizes that the spread information is allegedly not true. The blogger wished the journalists… let’s say, not the best way of their life stories development. Well, every work must be paid in a decent manner, according to the efforts made and the public benefits. So, let them get a … salary. Or I have messed up again?

All in all, many users have joined the discussion of the fake. For example, the author of this post emphasizes that practically all the “horror stories” that are about the pilgrimage of the Hasids to Uman are a lie.

Oleksandr Dedyukhin, the rector of the St. Nicholas Church in the city of Poltava, confessed that he doesn’t like Hasids too much, however, he does not like those who set up conflicts on a religious ground more. For them, Dedyukhin has two special gifts – plague and anathema. What a holiday for journalists, what a beloved work!

Well, in the end we have a few jokes, which are just the tips on how to correctly preceive such accusations. So be good boys and girls, check the information and always trust only reliable sources. See you!

Reactions were collected and fakes were hated by Stepan the Goat

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