President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker did not recall Ukraine and Russia, during his annual message to the European Parliament on the state of affairs in the European Union. Juncker’s speech was broadcasted on the satellite channel of the European Commission EBS, reports  Ukrainska Pravda.

Juncker’s speech was broadcasted on the EBS – satellite channel of the European Commission. The present message was the last before the elections to the European Parliament in the spring of 2019. The president of the European Commission said that he wants to achieve tangible progress in strengthening the EU’s foreign policy. However, in the context of foreign policy Jean-Claude Juncker did not mention either Russia, Ukraine, or the Eastern Partnership. The absence of references to Ukraine and the Russian Federation drew attention to the European Parliament. Thus, the adviser of one of the European deputies, Pavel Vishnevsky, stated that the absence of such mentions can not but cause concern, because speaking for the West, one should not forget about the East. In his speech, Juncker called Europe a “peace guardian,” which cast off exaggerated nationalism, destroys the European project. Also, the president of the European Commission recalled the idea of a joint defense of Europe, which he raised in 2014.

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