Well, the IKEA officially confirmed its intention to enter the Ukrainian market. The first store will be opened in 2019 in Kyiv. A new, urban format will provide smaller sizes for locations in the city center in order to maximally satisfy the demands of consumers. About the traditional betrayals and victories of such a news in no less traditional reactions from Opinion.

So, in order for you not to think that IKEA is a kind of a fun game, the president of Ukraine himself decided to write about it. It is said that our country has long been waiting for this news, and in recent years there have been many changes that made possible the appearance of the company. According to Petro Poroshenko, the opening of IKEA is a signal for other world brands: you need to deal with us. Well, we just have to wait for them to set up properly their receivers so they can catch that signal.

In order not to immediately move to the betrayal of betrayals, let’s first read what the political expert Olexiy Minakov says. According to him, the emergence of such brands as IKEA is, of course, a positive development in the business life of the country, but it doesn’t mean that there is less corruption in Ukraine. In short, the Swedish brand has decided to “settle” here not due to some victories, but despite the real problems. Some sort of the furniture advance payment. The expert stressed: it’s not necessary to exaggerate and expect the “investment boom”. But it’s not the end, in Minakov’s opinion, it was quite anticipated that someone would start the PR campaigns out of the opening of IKEA, and for somebody, the main purpose of life would be to annihilate it. That’s how our MPs work. The ones you’ve chosen.

The first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Gerashchenko decided not to limit her praises, stressing that the arrival of Scandinavians in our market is a good signal for other investors, especially since the brand was refusing to work in Ukraine 15 years this in a raw. Some kind of, “transparency, no bribes” and all that kind of things.

But IKEA is not the only one. Diplomat Dmytro Kuleba said that the French company Decathlon also enters Ukraine. Actually, it’s like IKEA and H&M, just for sportswear and accessories. This is how the things go, my darlings.

However, not every MP should be happy, right? So, Serhiy Leshchenko had the same thought, that’s why he decided to tell us about the shopping mall, where the first IKEA store will be situated. He says that nobody knows how that mall will look after the end of construction works, therefore there is a risk of the destruction of one of the architectural monuments of the capital. What an MP, what a Human that is worried about the city. He has managed to do everything – to worry, to write a post, and of course to praise himself. Take an example.

Are there some more MP’s opinion needed? For example, Oleksandr Hranovsiy is sure that it’s not worthy exaggerating of the event because Ukrainians are already hardly being surprised by something. Let’s say 15 years ago there was no alternative on the market at all, and now IKEA-like products are everywhere. Yep, I’ll tell you, even more, there are enough of IKEA stores here as well. However, what will they do when the official representatives will be here? Interesting show to look at.

They say that if you have a lot of letters and you’re afraid that your reader gets bored, you need to add some jokes. I know that you are strong and hardy, so I’ll add a joke with a so-so level of humor, but it’s somewhat realistic.

Well, here’s another option. Maybe we all better get along with IKEA than with jokes.

Although, probably, I wrote the last sentence with a definite doubt, for nothing. Or maybe we journalists are joking the same way. Who knows.

What will Oleh Lyashko say to us? This MP is conservative and had done almost everything in order: defeat, problem, idiots, smuggling, the president is proud of the wrong thing, make Ukrainian factories work again, etc. And this was an easy punch. Imagine if we had started to import cows. There, Mr. Lyashko would have made a full and complete revolution.

Ivetta Delikatnaya, an expert on business communications, told that according to statistics, 5 years after the arrival of IKEA, the taste for the interior is changing of the majority of the city’s population. However, in fact, we get the same new, compact format that is unlikely to bring something new to Ukrainian assortment. It turns out that we will become some kind of a testing ground for such a format. Sound like a little betrayal. And it’s not surprising, it would be strange if the coin always had only one side.

Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, stressed that the mere fact that IKEA enters our market is probably not too big news for ordinary citizens, but for foreign business, this is really a signal of the implementation of the reforms in our country, as well as creation of normal European conditions for work. Thus, Klympush-Tsintsadze is convinced that investments will come to our economy, new job opportunities will appear, and the budget will flourish. I just want to add something from Ukrainian classical poetry, but business and politics are still far away from the literature.

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