Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

Weather and weather forecast on television are incredibly popular topics in everyday conversations. I remembered Ukrainian television weather forecasters, who attracted attention and became well-known more for their interesting appearance than for the content of their program. At one time, Prince Charles also wanted to try himself in such a popular role, and even Brad Pitt used this incredible profession to popularize himself. And he has enough fame for sure!

However, I would now like to recall the combination of charisma and real professionalism, the famous wag, knowledgeable and professional weather forecaster from Belgium. His name was Armand Pien.

He worked on television for 37 years and his forecasts had become more popular than politics, economics, and scandals.

The whole country was discussing him, and his weather witticisms you can even find in Wikipedia.

Mr. Armand Pien lived for 83 years, and he worked until the last day of his life. When he died, his funeral turned into a national mourning. After the time had passed they even opened a museum in his honor in Belgium.

And while the Ukrainian Armand Pine is still growing up, we will look at the nearest meteorological perspective.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On September 14, the atmospheric front from the west of Europe will come to Ukraine and will bring rain.

Rains with thunderstorms are most likely in the western and northern regions, as well as local rainfall will occur in the Azov Sea. A dry, sunny weather will be kept in the rest of Ukraine.

On September 15-16, the weather in Ukraine will be unstable, with local rains. However, there will also be enough of the sun.

The air temperature will fluctuate within comfortable limits, +20 +26 degrees in the east and in the south to +28 degrees.

The first half of the next week will give dry and sunny weather to Ukrainians. Significant rainfall is unlikely to happen.

The air temperature during September 17-18 is expected to be +19 +24 degrees, it should be warmer since Wednesday, up to +21 + 26 degrees.

At night and in the morning, fogs periodically arise with a decrease in visibility to 300-500 meters. Drivers! Take this into account!

In Kyiv, on September 14, 15 and 16 there is the probability of a small rain. However, rainfall gives the way to sunny weather.

The air temperature in the daytime it is expected to be +20 +23 degrees.

From the beginning of next week, the air will warm up to +23 +26 degrees in the capital. A comfortable, dry solar air mass will prevail.

Enjoy beautiful autumn days, collect mushrooms, photograph mother’s apples and asters, work fruitfully, have a civilized rest.

And follow carefully only professional weather forecasts.

By Natalka Didenko

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