Let’s turn to the news that made the blogosphere of Ukrainian facebook breathe in a new way. The detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau have served Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan with an indictment on suspicion of taking bribes and declaring false information in e-declarations. However, social media users perceived all of this somehow differently. Who and why have stood up for the MP – in reactions from Opinion.

Well, let’s start step by step. Let’s open webpage of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, and find their explanation. From 2000 to 2018, according to the investigation, Mr. Omelyan had received 2.17 million hryvnias of official income, while his expenditures during the period from 2008 to 2015 were 3.45 million UAH. Actually, in the light of this, the Minister of Infrastructure was indicted for illicit enrichment and non-declaration of incomes. Well, let’s move on.

Volodymyr Omelyan himself told a little bit differently and somewhat more in detail about the notable indictment. According to him, he was indicted, because of “illicit enrichment”  that was ten years ago, the “usage or acquisition” of a car for his brother and the non-declaration of real-estate for two weeks in 2016.

Omelyan drew the following conclusions: if those are the severest “crimes” that they could have found for his whole tenure as Minister, then he’s not ashamed to face neither Ukrainian citizens nor foreign partners or the country’s leadership. At the end of his explanation, the minister ironically congratulated everyone on the start of the election campaign.

However, the employees of NABU hadn’t stopped: they say, Omelyan manipulates the facts about the nature of the indictment he had received. Since it’s all about his actions between April 2015 and the present. Moreover, detectives are convinced that the Minister has taken measures to conceal the revealed violations by the means of unlawful influence on the results of the inspection. Here, we have some kind of a football match here. So we’re waiting for a pass from Mr. Omelyan.

And now let’s see what is written on this occasion on the web. For example, political expert Olexiy Minakov stated that NABU continues the path of its complete defamation. So the situation with the indictment of Omelyan was altogether characterized by the specialist as a circus show. The logic is following: the sum mentioned in indictment looks too ridiculous, especially if you’re taking into account the time span, which also includes the period when the current Minister of Infrastructure was not in the office. We have the following results: the detectives worked so long, trying to find at least something in the past of Omelyan, that eventually they’ve decided to treat the audience at least with “something”. Well, that’s the treats they have.

MP Oleh Lyashko upheld a similar logic regarding the accusations. He said that for such thing you can put almost anyone in Ukraine behind the bars, even the vast majority of anti-corruptionists. According to the “radical”, this is not a struggle, but a witch hunt. Mr. Oleh, everything you’ve said may be the truth, but why have you added a photo of bread and salt to this post? Or for such cases, you have a photo with everyone? What a press-service work, well-done!

The political adviser and ex-deputy Viktor Ukolov shared his impressions from the press conference of Volodymyr Omelyan. According to him, everything looks as if it’s not a suspicion, but rather a compliment for the Minister. After all, if the head of the richest ministry was only accused of discrepancies between income and expenses in a declaration for a period when he wasn’t a minister, then he is a crystal-clear honest man. Ukolov emphasizes: it’s not about corruption in the ministry headed by Omelyan, but about undeclared income for a period when he was not even a minister. In short, this reflection even got to Mr. Serhiy Leshchenko with his apartment for 7.5 million USD. Indeed, something is wrong here. It’s good that I’m not a detective.

The diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko emphasized that indictment doesn’t relate to the professional activity of the Minister in general, as well to the time span when he was in office. Yaremenko admitted that he doesn’t agree with Mr. Omelyan on everything, but this situation, according to him, it is so blatantly humiliating that you just want to show your support. So, something went wrong with NABU’s plan…

On the other hand, for the journalist Olga Khudetska, this whole situation reminds of the MP Bobov case, who, after an attempt to strip him of the immunity under the article “tax evasion”, got away with it and zero losses. Briefly, according to the post, suddenly after Lutsenko’s claim of immunity’s deprivation, Mr. Heraschenko stated that everything could be settled down, provided that Mr. Bobov would pay a certain sum to the budget. And what do you think? Yeah, everything is simple, Mr Bobov just has paid 37.9 million Charges were withdrawn, the fact of “false tax declaration” was forgotten. The Attorney General expressed his respect to the MP. A year later Bobov just sued back his 38 million. That’s the way the muffins crumbles… What muffins? I’m constantly messing things up.

An MP Serhiy Rybalka, in his turn, stressed that people demand real investigations of high-profile corruption schemes and prosecution of the perpetrators, rather than a search of a scape-goat that demonstrates the imitation of the fight against corruption. It’s like, people no longer believe in these trashy shows. And, again, all this was characterized by MP as a witch-hunt.

But everything can’t be so good with Mr. Omelyan, right? However, the support of NABU’s indictment came from… Ms. Olena Lukash. Well, how to explain it better to those who are out of the loop. Imagine a person who was the Minister of Justice during the Yanukovych reign and who’s, by the way, a member of his “Party of Regions”. Also, add that the same person still writes a pile of posts about illegitimate Ukrainian authority and other stuff like this. Imagined, have you? So, this is Ms. Olena Lukash. So, Ms. Lukash is sure that Omelyan must resign, however, because he’s not going to resign, this issue must be solved by … Mr. Groysman. One more thing. Just don’t laugh, she says that… even Bandera’s spirit won’t help Omelyan. Well, I think you’ve already understood, that reading this post completely may not be so safe.

Oh, esteemed NABU detectives also got their portion of unpleasant stuff. They’ve even got a new title from Lukash, it sounds like “unprofessional and worthy of nothing”. Oh, you can re-read it forever. It’s desirable to do it somewhere in medical college, where students are dealing with mental disorders. Oh, I need to slow down, cos Ms. Olena may even devote some post to me, and I’ll throw a party for a whole week, so you won’t get any reactions at all. Only the last thing: she says, that she’s getting ready for a show. I would rather say she’s getting ready for a stove, but it would be too badass of me, right?

And here is the most concise post on this topic, by the blogger Oleksandr Danyluk. He says that all this is the beauty of anti-corruption in its own selectivity. I don’t know what should I do. To comment, or just leave it. Let it be.

For a businessman and blogger Karl Volokh, the indictment from NABU turned into a pretext for even a bigger trust in the integrity of the Minister of Infrastructure. Sometimes, the betrayal works in a different way, right? Uncontrollable, she is a lady with a temper.

And finally: MP Yevhen Dayday seems to have found an explanation of this whole situation. In charge of the case was NABU detective Bondarenko, however, it was before he was detained for the use of drugs. Heh. I’m still loving you, my Facebook feed. Sometimes you give away a pure gold.

Reactions were collected and the heart was given to NABU by Stepan the Goat

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