Under the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office, there is a protest against the extradition of Tymur Tumhoev to Russia. Activists of “Svoboda”, “С14” and others are taking part in the rally. Several MPs also have joined the action. The protesters demand the resignation of Yuriy Lutsenko, the acting Prosecutor General. What do people in social media think about this situation – in reactions from Opinion.

According to the facebook page of journalist Maryana Pyetsuh – activists demand from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (GPU) to open the front door of the building, however, there were a lot of law enforcement officers, gas and water were involved. Organizers – “Svoboda”, “National Corps”, “С14” and other organizations.

During the fight, journalist of NewsOne also has suffered. According to Dmytro Dou, now the protest is likely to be turned upside down. It can be demonstrated as a brutal campaign of inadequate barbarians that can only destroy. A punch in the head will be rotated through all channels.

The blogger Vsevolod Doroshenko also said about the beating of a journalist. In his opinion, in this situation, there is no difference what kind of TV channel she represents, since, first of all, the journalist was performing her professional activity. Moreover, according to the blogger, everything had happened in front of law enforcement officers who didn’t react to the crime.

In the end, information was confirmed by Diana Panchenko, a colleague of the victim. She added that the journalist was thrown by eggs.

Oleh Shynkarenko – journalist and writer wrote about the protest at the GPU. According to him, some participants of the action don’t even know who is Tumhoev. Moreover, near the building of the Prosecutor’s Office, there was no one who was fighting together with him.

The activist and volunteer Oleksandr Khadjynov emphasized that Yuriy Lutsenko succeeded in outdoing all his predecessors. He destroyed all the trust in the prosecutor’s office: the sinking of corrupt officials’ cases, violation of freedom of speech, covering up of criminals. According to Khadjynov, it’s quite clear who’s rocking the boat.

The psychologist Vlada Myronenko is confident that such actions are unlikely to break the system because it “eats the activists for breakfast, lunch, and dinner”. The author of the post described how the “Bertkut” squad was running in the direction of the GPU. According to her, on the face of one of them was a happy smile of fresh meat anticipation.

A journalist and publicist Larysa Voloshyna assured that the whole assault on the GPU was rather illustrative, not only because of an artificially fabricated topic, but also because of a strange mixture of characters who “don’t sleep at night, and only think about the people”. Voloshyna is convinced: the most disgraceful position in this story is one of some MPs who’d stood up for Tymur Tumhoev. They at the same time oppose the law on collaboration, and promoting the thesis that at the legislative level all residents of the occupied territories must be recognized as victims of war.

By the way, speaking about the doors that the activists demand to open. The blogger Sergey Naumovich compared the entrance to the GPU for prosecutors and for “mere mortals”. According to him, the front door is covered with gold and manufactured at one of the most famous Italian factories, while the “waiting room for citizens” can be accessed through conventional metal-plastic for two or three thousand hryvnias. Naumovich emphasizes: the GPU building is an ordinary state institution, which, for example, doesn’t differ from the district courts. And you supposedly can go there, sit on leather sofas and even have dinner in its canteen, but it appears to be quite different.

The analyst of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future Igar Tyshkevych believes that this whole situation is a demonstration of authorities’ paralysis. While activists are trying to set tires on fire and calling in a megaphone for the death of Attorney General, law enforcement officers simply keep silent.

According to the analyst, in other countries, including the European Union, the most active participants of such an action would have long been detained. However, this requires respect for state institutions, which in Ukraine was destroyed by the actions of current and former prosecutors general. Even more absurd, according to Tyshkevich, is the reason for the whole protest itself.

Alongside this, the analyst offers to look at the situation from the other angle: “rightists” have gathered and loudly shouting scary slogans. However, if they aspire to build a strong Ukraine, it can’t be done without sequencing and adequacy. The is that the first rallies in support of Tumhoev could have been held a year ago when he received a refusal of a refugee status appeal. Instead, all the protests had begun when the victim was already in Russia. And the result of all this inability to think and work consistently is that in the center of Kiev there is an epic battle for trash bins.

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