A journalist of the pro-Russian TV channel NewsOne, Daryna Bilera, was punched by an unknown woman during the live broadcast. The incident occurred during the action under the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office. At first, the eggs were thrown at the journalist then when they tried to go away and continue the broadcast, it’s likely that one of the rally activists punched her in a face. More details about the conflict – in reactions from Opinion.

Serhiy Tomilenko, the head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, reacted to the event that happened to the NewsOne journalist. He urged politicians to stop the speculation and persecution of journalists. He also asked law enforcers – to report not with posts, but with the names of those journalists whose attackers were punished properly. By the way, during an attack on a journalist there were law enforcement officers nearby, however, nobody rushed to defend the correspondent.

A similar position was taken by blogger Artur Fred. According to him, Ukrainian law enforcers protect state symbols, officials but not citizens, and especially not journalists or those who fought on the side of our country.  I recall you that the rally near the GPU (Prosecutor General of Ukraine office) was due to the extradition of Tymur Tumhoev to Russians. The blogger doesn’t reject the possibility that it was done to strike at the image of the current president.

Another journalist, Bogdan Aminov characterized activists as animals, who will go to other rallies, where they will talk about unbelievable freedom of speech in Ukraine. Ah, I forgot to say, Mr. Bohdan works on NewsOne as well.

The political scientist Olexiy Golobutskyi, although he noted that the actions of an unknown attacker are incorrect, assured that NewsOne will take all the “hype” out of this incident.

Milla Zaverukha, the coordinator of Svitanok organization, also expressed her point of view, saying that journalists can’t be beaten, but the enemy propagandists should… be kicked with feet. The author of the post called the injured journalist one of the cogs in the propaganda system, moreover, she knew where she was going and knew why she could be beaten up.

Yevhen Karas, the leader of the “С14”, commented on the situation more precisely, noting that the public extradited Medvedchuk’s militants outside the rally at the GPU. Finally, Karas thanked the “unknown Ukrainian woman”.

Dmytro Lykhoviy, editor-in-chief of Novyarnya, admitted that he opposes the attacks on journalists, but at the same time he once again urges pro-Ukrainian journalists and hosts of 112, NewsOne and other similar channels: if you want people to react on you normally, and not as it had happened at the GPU, you should run away from this workplace. While agreeing to work on the Ukrainian channels of Medvedchuk-Putin, journalists become politically unreliable.

Journalist Mariana Pietsuh only urged journalists to keep in mind that one of the participants of the protest could always find someone who is speaking at the microphone with the emblem of a particular TV channel.

Roman Chernyshev, the head of the press service of the “National Corps”, condemned the beating of a journalist. However, he added that the attack was committed by a woman who joined the action, that is, none of the organizers is liable for the actions of a passerby. Moreover, Chernyshev stressed that, yes, ordinary employees of the channel may not support the political position and information policy of the owners. However, if during the war you’re working on a similar TV channel, you must understand that there is always a possibility that a Molotov cocktail can appear out of nowhere. And it’s not a fact that it will be done by Ukrainian nationalists and not by provocateurs or agents of Russian special services.

In order to defuse tensions a little, I propose to look at the beauty, from the journalist Olena Yakhno. She, in fact, almost explained why the law-enforcers did not stand up for the victim-correspondent.

The blogger Marina Daniluk-Yarmolaeva is confident that the attack on the journalist will be discussed from dusk till dawn: each expert will be forced to say about the violation of freedom of speech and attacks on other points of view.  However, the author is convinced: it is a regular FSB’s operation with two target audiences: foreign and domestic. And the broad sense of all such actions and adventures is to show all patriots as dummies or aggressive attackers on journalists, to demonstrate assaults and humiliate the state institutions, as well as to force the GPU to use fire extinguishers and water. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Reactions were collected by Stepan the Goat

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