The Government of the Netherlands, in response to Russia’s new statements with the next charges of Ukraine over Donbas in the summer of 2014, the Boeing 777 airline “Malaysian Airlines” on the MH17 flight, said it trusted the findings of the investigation of the case by the International Joint Investigation Team, which testify for Russia’s fault. Radio Liberty reports. 

“The Netherlands entirely relied on the facts and conclusions drawn by the JIT (English abbreviation of the name of the Joint Investigative Team – Ed.). The JIT investigation has the highest support of the international community. The government has firmly decided to cooperate fully with the criminal investigation conducted by all the involved countries, in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 2166”, the statement said.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the General Prosecutor’s Office stated that he had already handed over to the representative of the Netherlands on September 17 materials on legal aid in the case of the assassination of the MH17 flight. On this day, the Ministry of Defense of Russia stated that the numbers on the rocket fragments found near the place where the rock fragments were shot down from the “Buk” MRK show that it was produced in Soviet times in 1986, and was immediately sent to a military unit in the territory of Ukraine immediately from the plant in the Moscow suburbs and did not return to Russia again. Also in Moscow, they alleged that videotapes with the Russian “Buk” in eastern Ukraine, published earlier by the Joint Investigation Group, were falsified.

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