The court authorized the detention of Major Mykola Melnychenko and arrested his property as well as bank accounts at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (GPU). Former Major of the State Protection Department is suspected of committing state betrayal, espionage, the disclosure of state secrets, and excess of official authority because of the records made in the office of Leonid Kuchma. More about cassette scandal – in reactions from Opinion.

Political expert Olexiy Minakov is convinced that the arrest of Melnychenko’s property and the detention permit – all this happens for a good reason. And on this occasion, the specialist has two hypotheses. The first option is to continue blowing this issue and gradually reveal the coordination of Melnychenko with Russian secret services. Another option is that the current president gives a clear signal. A kind of warning that shows what will happen to those who will try to publish secret conversations as an oppo on him. However, Minakov does not exclude the third option: the simultaneous combination of both hypotheses.

However, the comments from the Melnychenko himself were immediate. According to colleagues from TSN, they managed to talk with the Major on the phone. Melnychenko emphasizes the fact that the authorities in Ukraine are organized a criminal group, he also adds that he has a personal conflict with Petro Poroshenko. Moreover, the suspect is convinced that even if to accuse him of the state treason, then it’s necessary to open the case and against the current Prosecutor General, that is, Yuriy Lutsenko.

However, according to the ex-Major, this is not the first opening of the case against him for the same films. Moreover, Melnychenko is not goingto Ukraine, promises to come “when he sees fit”. Yep, he’ll come, how could it happen?

Political observer Ivan Kapsamun said that he doesn’t protect Melnychenko, but at the same time he noted that the Major himself had never been against the court and that all circumstances had been established. Kapsamoun is sure: it turns out that a person who has recorded a crime in the main office is a criminal, and the protagonist of the films is a victim.

TV host Yegor Checherynda said that exactly 18 years ago, for the first time, “Melnichenko’s films” were revealed behind the scenes of the Verkhovna Rada, by the current Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko. Back then, according to the author of the post, together with Oleksandr Moroz, they considered Melnychenko not as a traitor, but as a hero of Ukraine. Yes, just for tapping Leonid Kuchma. Moreover, neither Kuchma himself nor Volodymyr Lytvyn, despite the exposure of the film by Lutsenko films, still don’t appear in the case of Georgiy Gongadze assassination. By the way, seven years ago, the convicted of his murder man named those two misters as customers and insisted on their interrogation.

Volodymyr Bartsios, deputy of the Vinnytsia Regional Council, sharply criticized the actions of the GPU and Yuriy Lutsenko himself. The logic is following: this prosecutor’s office blocked the case of Gongadze’s murder as well as Kuchma and Lytvyn involvement in it. However, it opened the case against the one who decided to tell about the crimes of Leonid Kuchma. The MP is convinced that this can only testify to the mutual guarantee and the protection of real criminals, instead of bringing them to justice.

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Mykola Nedilko, Melnychenko’s lawyer in the case of “cassette scandal” had also expressed his own opinion. According to him, if the GPU uses the films of the Major against him, then, in fact, it recognizes their validity, affiliation, and legality as material evidence. However, back in time, the Pechersk District Court of Kiev hadn’t recognized them; therefore, there is a logical question: why does the prosecutor’s office is not using the records against defendants? Moreover, the lawyer of the suspect is confident: the court, while granting the permission for the arrest of property and the detention of Melnychenko himself, should have to check what kind of legitimate and proper material evidence justifies the suspicion of the pre-trial investigation agency. According to the lawyer, the court has certain double standards.

Nedilko also gave a few more details about the arrest of property. As it turned out, the inheritance, which remained after the death of Melnychenko’s parents, as well as the part of the property of his wife Natalia Rozynska, which was acquired before the marriage, were also seized. But this is not the end: while arresting the property, the court hadn’t even checked its presence. Thereby they’ve partly seized hardly existing things. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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