In the documents submitted by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which allegedly indicate the origin of the rocket complex “Buk”, which killed the MN-17, signs of tampering were discovered. This is written by the Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”.

In their conclusions, the Russian military used data from the JIT investigation and, in particular, the serial number of the rocket engine – 8869032, which, together with the remnants of the corps, was presented by the Dutch in May 2018 at its presentation in Utrecht.

A representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense says that knowing these numbers, one can determine which military unit it was assigned to. In the handwritten journal, in front of the “unique missile number” 8720, the place of departure is also indicated – military unit 20152 (military unit in the Ternopil region in the west of Ukraine) In this context, attention and writing of the filler of the second document – “summary information on the product”. Obviously, it fills one person: the author in a special style writes figure 2, each time displaying the loop above and below. At the same time in the header information, where the only time indicated the serial number of the rocket – 8868720, the number 2 is written differently. It is also noticeable that when writing the last two digits, a lighter ink was used.

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