The Verkhovna Rada nominated Oleg Sentsov for the Nobel Peace Prize The appeal to the committee conveys the example of non-violent resistance in the struggle for basic human rights and freedoms that the Ukrainian has demonstrated to the whole world at the risk of his own life. More details – in reactions from Opinion.

Lyudmila Denisova, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, welcomed the decision to nominate a Ukrainian film director for the Nobel Peace Prize. According to her, such initiative was supported by 245 MPs. Denisova is convinced: Oleg is really worthy of this honor since he is a true fighter for basic human rights and freedoms. As for us, we should seek the new ways to return him to Ukraine and to his family.

The MP Olexiy Honcharenko has also written about Sentsov’s nomination. According to him, the resilience demonstrated by Oleg during the struggle for human rights, and values upon which the entire civilized world is based on is an example of the very ideals that Alfred Nobel wrote in his will. Hey Olexiy, and what about the exchange??

However, in this situation, the MP and leader of the “Radical Party” Oleh Lyashko sees only political-technological strategy by the headquarters of the incumbent president that will help him to receive votes in the elections. It was like, Poroshenko does not live with it, he isn’t sincere and is fake in this matter. And allegedly because of this, the Lyashko team did not vote for the appeal to the Nobel Committee. Hey, Mr. Oleh, it can be true, but Poroshenko himself for some reason didn’t write a word about it on his page, in contrary, you devoted a whole post to it. But, that’s just me.

However, the political expert Olexiy Minakov is even convinced that now this is the time for Medvedchuk to heroically rescue Oleg. According to the expert, the friend of Russian president while replying to a recent question, whether Oleg Sentsov will come back home, has answered: “Yes of course“. So, he’d better rescue Sentsov, or he’s not the most effective negotiator.

Instead, the president of the Association “Energy-efficient cities of Ukraine” Svyatoslav Pavlyuk is convinced that, despite all respect for what Oleg Sentsov is doing, Mustafa Dzhemilev is the one who deserves such a nomination for a long time.

However, far from everyone agrees with such an opinion. In a commentary section to Pavlyuk’s post, Ukrainian writer and translator Andriy Lyubka emphasized that Dzhemilev really deserves to be nominated, but Sentsov is the one who needs to be saved now. Responding to the question whether this prize changes Oleg’s situation, Lyubka replied that such actions are, first of all, the attention of the world and pressure.

The MP Viktor Kryvenko noted that his party supported the proposition to nominate Oleg for the Nobel Peace Prize, but the situation is pathetic. Although Oleg himself holds the line, the whole world clearly sees what do the words “law”, “rights” and “human” mean to Russia. In the opinion of the MP, the world must realize what does a real face of Russia looks like, and begin to truly protect those European values, for instance, human rights. Respect the inviolability of the borders, not to visit the aggressor for football matches and weddings.

On the other hand, journalist Serhiy Lyamets expressed quite opposite point of view. According to him, the more we speak about Oleg and focus attention on him, the less likely he will leave the Russian prison. In his turn, Lyamets wished Sentsov as soon as possible to leave Russian casemates and make a lot more marvellous films. To live happily far away from those who’ve decided to make a PR based on his life. It’s quite ambiguous, you must admit, you can blame anyone using such a logic, even all of us.

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