SAP (Specialized anti-corruption prosecutor’s office) filed a criminal investigation into the possible disclosure of pre-trial investigation data by National anti-corruption bureau director Artem Sytnyk, UNIAN reports.

This statement concerns Volodymyr Omelyan suspected of unlawful enrichment. It is said that Artem Sytnyk timely informed him about the planned conduct of the search at Omelyan’s place of residence. “Previously said statement is not considered to be unjustified, since the materials of the criminal proceedings, where he was informed of the suspicion, contain information about the presence of telephone connections between Omelyan V.V. and a caller recorded as ‘Artem Sytnyk’ on the eve of the search, in particular at 08.00, 11.32, 19.09, 23.42 hours. November 2, 2017 ,” the report states.

It is reported that in order to ensure the effectiveness of the pre-trial investigation, the materials of the initiated criminal proceedings will be sent to the Prosecutor General for the determination of the pre-trial investigation institution.

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