The passing week was filled with controversial events in the binary space of betrayal/victory. Wiretapping by NABU’s agents of odious MPs was proclaimed illegal – it’s a betrayal. The same deputies voted in the Council for changes to the constitution for our country’s commitment to the EU / NATO – that’s a victory. What actually has happened in Ukraine for the past 7 days – read in the traditional Opinion digest.

This time, for the visual accompaniment of the text, we have chosen the painted plates of Mykyta Kadan – Ukrainian contemporary artist. He represented Ukraine at the Venice Biennale.

The “Procedural Room” project was created in 2010. The theme of the “Procedural Room” is a body. A body as something personal (inalienable), private (something, that can be an object of exchange), and public (the work on which is entrusted to professionals in uniform). The project includes a series of posters and souvenir plates with printed pictures of police tortures, painted in the style of medical instructions from the “Popular Medical Encyclopedia” of the Soviet era. On the drawings in this encyclopedia, there are patients, who usually have a kind-hearted expression of the face, while painful procedures on their bodies are carried out: “The doctor knows, what he is doing, everything is done for our common good”.

Poster “Gas mask”

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через малюнки на тарілках та постери Микити Кадана

The Russian journalist Alexei Venediktov from the “Echo of Moscow” put awkward questions to our patriarch Filaret in his interview.


In particular, the editor of the publication was mostly interested in “when there will be violence through a split in the church.” The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church answered very carefully and calmly: “There will be no violence due to the issue of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. But Lavra is a Ukrainian shrine. When we have an autocephalous church, we will understand. But let’s face it without violence, freely, without violating human rights. We know that Russia wants to sow religious hatred so that we have hostility and give a reason for external interference.”

In addition, the patriarch expressed the hope that Tomos (the obtaining of which was predicted, perhaps, in several years), may become a reality already in October. On September 7, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew appointed his exarchs in Kyiv.

In the Russian Orthodox Church, they became indignant and protest against it, considering such actions as “a gross invasion to the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate”. What can you say? The dogs may bark, but the caravan goes on.

Plate “A book on the head”

On Thursday, deputies had to vote for amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine – about the points on integration with the EU / NATO and the prohibition of the deployment of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia in the Crimea. Before the vote, Petro Poroshenko had a long speech for the deputies (read more at Ukrainska Pravda)

As expected, deputies listened to President’s speech in different ways. The faction BPP (Petro Poroshenko’s Block) was clapping during the words of the guarantor of the power of the Ukrainian army and the political successes of the authorities in four years.
Poroshenko’s close colleagues, Oleksandr Hranovskyi and Ihor Kononenko, with their attention, even resembled excellent students, who adore the teacher.

Deputies of “the People’s Front”, with less enthusiasm, watched the action but didn’t show negative emotions. Other factions – “Samopomich” (Self Reliance), “Batkivshchyna” (Fatherland) and “radicals” – also listened to Poroshenko’s words rather restrained. But the part of the “Opposition Block” actually notably left the hall in the middle of the speech, when the president promised to strengthen the state status of the Ukrainian language.

“The President in the Rada as it was expected spoke about language, church, and army. Important things. But he was already talking more like a candidate, not like a president. That is why little has been said about equally important topics: economy, taxes, business, development, investments, corruption, problems in the judicial system, how to keep migration, transferring responsibility exclusively to employers who have to “increase salary “, summed up the MP Svitlana Zalishchuk.

Let it be, but the deputies still voted for the changes to the Constitution, despite their attitude to the president. And so, for one step, we became closer to Europe and two further from Russia. We need to move on, and not “play checks”, right?

In addition, the decree on the termination of friendship between Ukraine and Russia came into force this week. The document was signed in the far 1997 year and, in fact, it never was adhered to: to take at least permanent economic, and then even military pressure. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has already sent a document on the termination of contracts to Moscow. But, it seems, they already know that we are somehow not very friendly towards each other.

Poster “Foot on the head”

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через малюнки на тарілках та постери Микити Кадана

But the enemy is not only in the north. Hungarians started giving their national passports to Ukrainians from the village of Berehove. And in addition, the consul advises the newly-born “dual citizens” to conceal from the Ukrainian authorities the fact of obtaining a passport. Dmytro Tuzhanskyi wrote a comprehensive article about the history of passport expansion of Transcarpathians (more details on Evropeiska Pravda).

In January 2015, Pavlo Klimkin declared in Uzhgorod, that the practice of dual citizenship should be stopped, and those, who have a second passport, are expected to receive sanctions. Budapest did not delay the reaction: Vice Prime Minister Zholt Shemien announced the next day, that Hungary would not help Kiev to detect and punish the “violators”. As it turned out, this is not just a “lack of action”, but an action directed against Ukrainian sovereignty.

It should be noted that Hungarian Útlevél, along with passports from other EU member states, occupies just the fourth step in the world rating of passports strength and gives Ukrainians the right to travel visa-free to the USA or free employment in any of the EU countries.
Our Foreign Ministry has already sent a note of protest to Budapest but it will hardly reduce this queue for Hungarian passports.

Plate “Handcuffs”

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через малюнки на тарілках та постери Микити Кадана

And now, a little bit of betrayal. It seems that without it, even one week can’t pass in Ukraine. Kyiv Administrative Court decided that NABU was wiretapping Rosenblat illegally. This is an MP from the BPP, who is accused of receiving 200,000 USD for the influence on the decision of officials of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil and local authorities on the provision of special permits for the use of subsoil to UkrTechdobych LLC. This is an improvised amber mine.

The people’s deputy certainly denies involvement in the crime. And the court agreed with him, in spite of audio and video, on which Rosenblat communicates with the participants of the scheme. Several are about signing bills No. 5436 and No. 5437, which propose amendments to the Tax and Customs Codes for the taxation of amber extraction and tax exemptions for persons importing into Ukraine equipment for industrial mining of amber.

The anti-corruption law enforcement agencies conducted a special operation against Rosenblat and Poliakov with the participation of NABU agent, nicknamed “Kateryna”. An attractive girl-specialist got the information out of the politician. And our court had axed everything. It threatens not only our subsoil but also the ability of NABU to conduct special operations under cover. Apparently, deputies want to be asked directly: “are you stealing?”

Poster “Cigarette”

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через малюнки на тарілках та постери Микити Кадана

The Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, Tatyana Moskalkova, said that the health of Ukrainian director, the political prisoner of the Kremlin, Oleg Sentsov, is satisfactory.

“I receive information from the Commissioner for Human Rights in Yamal and the FSIN (Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia) leadership daily, he (Sentsov – ED.) feels okay”, she said.

She also said, that Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov again has refused to go to a hospital on the Yamal Peninsula.

The state is satisfactory, but he refused to be hospitalized – what is it?! It seems that only Russians can believe in this sur. The only thing we know precisely about his state – everything is so bad, that Oleg willed his works. Hopefully, he will soon leave the prison and will tear this piece of paper with his own hands.

This week Verkhovna Rada nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Ukrainian Cultural Fund will fund a half theatrical production of the “Numbers” play. About 1.9 million hryvnias will be given for this. Russians may want him to die, but Sentsov every week brings us a simple truth, “the one who fights – wins”.
Let’s fight, Oleg!

By Kostyantyn Rul

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