What to wear in autumn. 10 fashion trends of this fall

We are almost accustomed to the fact that fashion does not offer anything fundamentally new. Almost everything that is demonstrated every year on the runways of the whole world is a rehash and variations on the theme of past years and decades. Here and now the main thing that you need to know about the fashion trends is what decade we have now outside, that is, in fashion. This information is key since all other details and features of the fashion season faded away.

So, the main trend for autumn 2018 is back in the 80’s. It’s time to return to this decade of fashion, because 30 years have passed since then, and there is a generation of quite grown-up and solvent fashionable women who, don’t remember and cannot remember the 80’s.

However, the eyes of their moms may twitch a little bit, when they recall those crazy, giant shoulder-pads with a thick layer of foam rubber under the cloth are mentioned; recall those hairstyles – long messy locks with such bouffant, that it could be removed only together with a scalp; think of those eyeshadows of a strictly blue color and the short dresses of the “wide belt” system, belted with indeed wide belts, which were twice shorter then the dress itself.

But there’s nothing to be done here, the fashion is cyclical, and now it’s time for all of this to return. Well, almost all. Blue eyeshadows and concrete bouffants are not expected. But wide, super-accented shoulders, the silhouette of a “span triangle”, short skirts, wide belts ‒ will return in full.

One of the key elements of the female style of the 80’s is a trouser suit, so it’s no surprise that this is the most fashionable thing of this fall. In the 80’s a trouser suit was a sign of the final emancipation of women, their desire to occupy “male” positions, to take “male” decisions and reach any career peaks. And those broadened shoulders in jackets of the 80s, those pointedly male silhouettes had to prove the female readiness for playing on equal terms.

Today, trendy trouser suits can be of various silhouettes. It may have broad accented shoulders or normal; it may have a wide loose silhouette or fit and emphasize the waist; it may have a classic double-breasted fastener or may have only a single button. All these options are appropriate, most importantly ‒ it should be a suit, and it’s good if it has some interesting color.

Also, it’s very fashionable to have a chequered trouser suit. Therefore, chequer is one of the most relevant prints of this season. Not only a suit can be chequered, but everything, anything: a coat, a raincoat, a dress, a skirt. Even pantyhose, boots or a bag. If your chequer is not very friendly with your figure (which happens quite often), choose safe places for its siting: a scarf, shoes or even an umbrella. One chequered detail will be quite enough for the modern image.

Other fashionable prints ‒ animalistic ‒ ravenously crept to us last year and finally conquered the runways and shops this fall. These are also greetings from the 80th, all these images of a glamorous leopard or mad zebra were very popular in those years. Then they left high fashion for a while, but they settled forever on cheap rags of dubious origin and in the hearts of women of indefinite age with incurable flaws of taste. Unfortunately, these unreliable leopard-lovers pretty spoiled the reputation of an innocent leopard print and made it an absolute taboo in the eyes of many.

And this is unfair, because not a leopard print defames a person, but a person without taste and sense of proportion can defame anything and the leopard in particular. But this season offers us many opportunities for the ultimate rehabilitation of leopard, zebra and all this animalistic chic. Animalistic prints can be worn on coats, skirts, and sweaters, certainly on bags and shoes and even on pantyhose! If there is enough talent!

By the way, about pantyhose. If you still have not mastered the skill of wearing colored pantyhose, it’s high time to do it, because this fall stockings of all colors of the rainbow are in trend. The easiest way to choose pantyhose, so as not to spoil the image ‒ exactly in the color of shoes, exactly in the color of a skirt or dress or very close to the color. This is an absolutely safe solution and also a great way to visually extend your legs. And if you are ready for more daring experiments, pick up stockings to add a bright contrast.

And by the way, about brightness. Despite the fact that autumn is approaching, it is not the reason to hide in dark and gloomy colors. The most fashionable color of this autumn is magenta ‒ a stormy, saturated, slightly insolent pink, in which it is impossible to go unnoticed. This color is also greetings from the 80’s, from the “Dynasty” series and screaming swimsuit for aerobics.

It’s up to you to choose what quantity of this active color is enough. It’s not necessary to dress in magenta from head to toe ‒ a small handbag or belt would be enough for a stylish image, it will become a fashionable accent in the background of calm, basic colors.

Well, by the way, about the belt. The fashion of the 80’s cannot be imagined without wide, noticeable belts with huge buckles! It’s fashionable to belt everything: dresses, sweaters and blouses, even classic jackets, raincoats and coats. But be careful! It is widely believed that a wide belt needs only a thin, expressed waist. This is not always so, sometimes the belt is the means to “draw” the waist where it does not exist. But what a wide belt exactly needs, it’s height. The width of the belt should be proportional to the length of the torso, because if the breasts “lie” on the waist ‒ the effect of the underlined waist would be slightly overshadowed. If you have a small height, just choose a belt of smaller width and better not contrast, but one color with a thing on which it should be.

The belt is useful for the “western” style, which is very fashionable this season. All these cowboy boots, hats, and ponchos with Indian motifs, suede jackets with fringe are eloquent, very artistic things. It’s like you escaped from the movie about a train robbery in the Wild West. If you want something unusual and atmospheric, you can try this style.

For fans of traditional solutions in modern fashion, there is a joker in the sleeve ‒ flowers! Women love flowers, floral prints never go out of fashion, and for a long time, they are not a sign of a pure summer wardrobe. Only that the autumn and winter floral patterns are of more discreet gamma and often with a darker background. And this autumn you can safely wear dresses and blouses in small flowers or complex floral fantasies.

And finally, we would give something super and fantastic! If last year you bought a dress or a blouse with paillettes, I congratulate you, it was a good investment. Because this year they not only haven’t gone out of fashion, but they became even more trendy. Of course, these shiny fabrics are designed more for festive events and an evening promenade. But in our democratic time, when it is fashionable to mix extremes and combine uncombinable, you can even put a strict business chequered jacket together with a classic white shirt together in one cocktail with a cheerful silver dress!

Is it worth following all the fashionable trends at the same time? Of course not. Should you run to the store for a pink dress and a leopard coat, if you do not like it? No way! The main principle of the advanced fashionmonger: fashion is for us, not vice versa! Therefore, we choose only what corresponds to our own tastes and personal style, we are not afraid to experiment with a combination of things and we confidently stride towards a new fashionable season!

By Maya Tulchynska

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