The choice of simple people

It is not difficult to find the Internet in our village. Sometimes you can catch a wi-fi signal on the bench near the yard. You just need to know where you can catch it. There are no boards with political muzzles, “big” and “small” politicians don’t come here. Soon it will be possible to get here only by a tank, or even by some kind of offroader.

Here a political world is based only on those TV channels that are reaching through weak T2 tuners. And these are not the channels about which one can say “politically engaged”. And the political preferences of the people grow exactly from these. And all this is multiplied by pathologically short memory.

“Well, what’s new in Kyiv?”

So my neighbor meets me, as soon as I managed to spread my legs. And here it begins… For whom to vote during the elections? Although, the election like Kyiv are far away from here and now.

“Personally I think that Yulya (Yuliya Tymoshenko – translator’s note) should be a president.”

I look around; I see an old calendar, on which flies are constantly landing. It hangs behind me, a candidate for Presidential Candidates holds a small pile of soil in her hands, she still has a braid and not such a noticeable intervention of a plastic surgeon.

“But she is against Europe…”

And then a whole stream of arguments for the candidate bursts out. All the quotes from the TV, from the very TV that together with series about good Moscow cops, shows with heart-breaking stories from someone else’s life and some kind of parallel political reality with a good Oppoblock (political party – translator’s note). I bite my tongue for some time and then I start from afar, and I show that Yulya is no longer against Europe, but very much for it, and even for NATO, and I tell her, even when Yulya was against Europe, her daughter almost always has lived abroad, and the current candidate herself preferred treatment, shopping, recreation in that Europe. And now she has a whole new course. Neighbors are nodding and looking at me like I am an alien.

They were brought up in times of total lies. So total that under party instruction everyone believed that black was white and white was black if it was the party’s directive. To analyze something, to discover something new ‒ this equals a terrible sin even now.

“Yes, but Rabinovych, he is for simple people?”

“Simple people” ‒ simplified people, in my perception of the world it became the first sign of the manipulative message. As soon as some politician resorts to manipulation, from his mouth appear “simple people”. Simple people don’t have any social or even iconic portrait. Nobody knows where they are and who they are. The only thing that is known is that there are many of them. There are a lot of them and they need to be heard, and something must be done for them. And everybody promises to do this “something”, but no one does, because simple people like alien civilizations, they are somewhere, but no one can clearly describe them. It is so easy to take care of simple ones ‒ before the elections the main thing is to spread dense bags with party’s logo to their backyards. It’s better to put there sugar, buckwheat, macaroni, oil. And these people may not need any of these. They may have in their houses 21 kilograms of buckwheat, 105 kilograms of sugar and 12 liters of oil ‒ it always works. A tight bag with a logo should also have a postcard with a calendar, preferably two. The second one should be with church holidays on it.

I tell for a long time, who came from where who’s under whom, and who adheres to what political vector. I try to explain as clearly as possible, avoiding terms. I never succeed in convincing them, I only sow a grain of doubt. Doubt is the main engine of analytics. As soon as a person begins to doubt, as soon as two and two do not coincide with their picture of the world, then some mental activity begins, curiosity and additional information are included. These people are used to take everything at face value. They still believe that the TV tells the truth and only the truth, and nothing but the truth. They think that newspapers, even ones from a party, never lie.

There are no boards with political muzzles here, the asters blossom abundantly here, there is an incredibly clear sky, and in the middle of the village they are still painting the head of an ancient revolutionary, because this is a story that no one remembers, but they believe in it, as they believe in TV-set, in simple people and in packages with 105th kilogram of sugar.

Tatusya Bo

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